Araina LuminEssence Box


Allow the Light to permeate Your Life.



Made from Gold Mirror Acrylic - 4" square

Use as candle light holder (comes with LED candle)
Or as mystery box for jewelry and other treasures.

This Golden Luminescent Box holds 5 Diamond Genetic Key Codes:

The 4 Core Key Codes on the sides of the box:
- Core Key Code of Love : Balances the spiritual body

- Core Key Code of Focus : Balances the emotional body

- Core Key Code of Creation : Balances the mental body

- Core Key Code of Harmony : Balances the physical body


And on the top lid You have the Key Code of Protection:

To Activate Your Being and Your Environment Into The Diamond Consciousness Frequencies, and Call In the Assistance Of The Universe To Guide You towards the True Sense of Safety & Security, through Allowing Your Being To Remember the Diamond Key Code Of Divine Protection, coming From WITHIN The Self; This Key Code Will Allow You To Build Up Your Core Power & Essence, Which Will Make You Deeper Fulfilled & Thus Less Influenceable By Negative Energies Which Are Moving Through Or Around You. Keeping The Focus On The Essence And Thus Only Allowing Divine Cocreation To Be.




The box comes with an included LED candle light.

BE AWARE: do NOT use this box with real candle! the warmth will melt the acrylic.

Size: 4" x 4" x 4"




Hand & Home made by AhneYah on Kaua'i,
Blessed within Diamond Prayers before
Shipped worldwide to Your Heart

Araina LuminEssence Box


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