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Araina Love Throw

Araina Love Throw

Introducing the Araina Love Throw, the softest blanket You'll ever experience! 


This luxurious throw is made with extremely soft sherpa fleece that will make You feel like You're resting in a cloud of pure love.


Through the imprint of the Genetic Key Codes, this throw has been crafted to provide comfort and protection, allowing You to sink into deep rest and rejuvenate Yourself while feeling embraced by its gentle touch.

Whether you're using it to sleep, rest, or simply reconnect within the Essence and Your True Self, the Araina Love Throw is the perfect addition to Your self care and home ware collection.


Size: 145cm x 145cm

Material: Plush Velvet & Sherpa Fleece


Made per order by Contrado and shipped worldwide.

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