*** Diamond Key Code Art Work + Crystal Grid ***

With Key Code of Mastery * 144.000 Activation Code




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This Piece that is Originally Hand Made by AhnėYah Divinity,
Is a Powerful Activation/Portal which can be used as a Centre
Piece within Ceremony, Retreats, Workshops... As well as a
Decorative Art Piece within the house, that will bring deeper
Peace and Abundance in the Collective Field
. The Code it

Holds is the "Key Code of Mastery" or the "144.000 Activation

Code", which Activates the Remembrance within Our DNA of Divine

Union within & without, As well as the Activation of the 144.000 Masters

To hold the Diamond Grid, and the Activation of the 144.000 Essences

Within One's Being to come into Divine Service for the Benefit of All

That Is. It is a Piece that allows Conscious Union & Gathering to

Exist. Being a Guardian of this Piece will Activate a Portal

Within Your Sanctuary/Community/Home/Practice,

to attract kindred Hearts and Blossom within

Your Service to the Devine, Bringing

Deeper Harmony to Realize
Harmonious Come*Unity,
Within & Without.



This Piece is made within Conscious
Trance Meditation - Weaving Prayers of
Unity, Harmony & Higher Love into each
Element within the Complete Piece.



The Piece is painted upon 100% Natural Cotton Canvas,

natural fiber (off-white).

The copper paint is infused with monoatomic gold.


The Code is Hand Painted by AhnėYah.

The Piece holds a Crystal Grid of:
* 144 Angel Aura Quartz
* Moonstone
* Clear Quartz
* Hematite (Gold Coated)
* Copper

(Yet You can custom order with different crystals)





Size : 144cm square - 59"
Size of Code/Grid : 124cm diameter - 50"




You can order on request, with specific crystals that You desire.
As well as the Copper paint, can also be Golden paint, infused with
Monoatomics. in any case the price point is the same.

The processing period is 2 months;
From the moment of order - this is when there is no waiting list.

You can contact AhnėYah personally at

To find out how long it would take to fulfill Your order.





Price: $14.400,-

Shipping is not included in the price. And this piece comes NOT FRAMED.




Please contact at

if You require more info, or for special requests.



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