Araina Coaster - Focus

Araina Coaster - Focus



* Core Key Code of Focus *

Lime Wood Plywood





The Core Key Code of Focus holds space
For the balancing of the emotional body. 

Assisting One in getting more Clarity and
Releasing any addictive or distracting energies.
This Key Code will bring deeper Focus and Balance
In Your entire System, allowing You to See Clearly
How to feel connected and energized within

All areas in Life.


How to use this Coaster:

* Water Purifier: use as placemat for Your water bottle/jar/...
* Food Purifier: use as placemat for Your Divine Meals
* Space Activation: Wall Decoration;
the Code can radiate naturally through the room.
* Altar Piece: Use as placemat for Your Crystal Grid,
Activate Your Essential Oils, Or any itmes You feel guided to.
* Or any other Way Your Intuition feels guided to.



Calibrates at 999 LOC;

Radically upgrades Your food & liquids:

Brings Puradyme from 599 to 650
Brings Supercells from 599 to 650-700
Brings Your local organic food up to 540 and beyond
Brings Distilled water up to 700


Size: 5" diameter - 1/4" thickness 

(all mason jar sizes fit on this coaster)

Comes with anti-slip feet

Made of Natural Lime Wood Plywood

Hand & Home Made by AhnėYah on Kaua'i,
And Blessed in Diamond Prayers before
Sent out to Your Hands & Heart.


    Bearthed Within The Diamond Age,

    Designed For The Reclamation
    Of Your Natural BearthRight

    © 2020 by AhnéYah Divinity - Garden of Araina. All Rights Reserved. CoCreated With

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