Araina Caress

Essential Care for Emotional Balance


This Body Care Product is designed and created by AhnėYah
To bring You deeper emotional balance. Made with 100% natural
And organic carefully chosen and tested ingredients, and upgraded
Through Diamond Prayers and Genetic Key Code Alchemy.

Araina Caress calibrates at 800 LOC:
An extremely high Resonance for body care products.



One can keep this product highly Activated
Through placing it on the Golden Key Code Mirror,

Which comes included with the bottle: This little
Placemat holds the Core Key Code of Focus;

Assisting in the Balancing of the Emotional Body,
Bringing Harmony and Clarity within the Inner 
And outer Masculine / Feminine Dynamics;

Bringing One Peace & Equality
Within The Sacred Unified Heart.


Araina Caress can be used as a perfume,
As a light face oil or face mask, or as a specific
Ointment to bring any chakra or pressure point
which feels out of alignment back into balance.




Araina Caress Ingredients:

Mustard Oil* : Helps circulation - improves skin/hair - promotes heart health

Rose Hip Oil* : Hydrates - moisturizes - brightens - reduces inflammation
Amber Essential Oil* : Brings peace & relaxation - protects from evil - 
improves boundaries, skin & sensuality - sleep aid - reduces pain (on all levels)

Patchouli Essential Oil* : Strengthens boundaries - improves skin - 

relieves depression - eases anxiety & stress - grounding - balances emotions
Frankincense Essential Oil* : Brings healthy cellular, immune, nervous and
digestive function - brings peace & satisfaction - rejuvenates skin - fights cancer -

grounding - strengthens boundaries - improves speaking one's truth
Clary Sage Essential Oil* : Soothes & clears skin - protects - clears negativity -
balances - relaxes - reduces stress - antibacterial - clarifies mind & heart -

natural antidepressant - sets healthy boundaries

Cedar Essential Oil* : Calms the mind - grounding - protects - antibacterial -

purifying - gives vitality & feelings of wellness - improves skin

Monoatomic Gold* : Clears the mind - brings focus - activates DNA -

brings emotional balance - connects one with higher consciousness -

connects one with unconditional love

24k Gold Leaf* : Assists in transformative periods - treats addictions -

improves circulation - improves skin - fights cancer

Rose Quartz Bead* : Soothes - relaxes - heals heart - self love - attracts love

Vegetable Glycerine* : Hydrates skin - improves skin

* All 100% Natural Organic Vegan & Very High Quality




Size: 30ml bottle

Comes with Golden Key Code Mirror: 2,2" wide

(comes without stand as in picture)


Used out of refridgerator: 3 months

In refridgerator: 6 months


Comes with Rose Quartz bead inside the bottle,

to gently shake and evenly distribute the

ingredients before one applicates.

Exchange: $100 + shipping





"Aloha AhneYah! I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you how much I adore the Araina Caress oil, My heart loves it, my soul loves it and my skin loves it! When I unwrapped it and opened it for the first time the smell took me straight to Kauai and filled me with such feelings of warmth and joy! Ive been using it daily as a facial oil and my skin is noticibly glowing with more radiance. The smell of this oil is divine and you can sense the potency straight away. The key code disc it sits on is exquisite. Thank you for creating such a beautiful oil 💖" - Julie M., England

Araina Caress


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