Araina Caress

Araina Caress


Araina Caress

Essential Care for Emotional Balance


This Body Care Product is designed and created by AhnėYah
To bring You deeper emotional balance. Made with 100% natural
And organic carefully chosen and tested ingredients, and upgraded
Through Diamond Prayers and Genetic Key Code Alchemy.

Araina Caress calibrates at 800 LOC:
An extremely high Resonance for body care products.



One can keep this product highly Activated
Through placing it on the Golden Key Code Mirror,

Which comes included with the bottle: This little
Placemat holds the Core Key Code of Focus;

Assisting in the Balancing of the Emotional Body,
Bringing Harmony and Clarity within the Inner 
And outer Masculine / Feminine Dynamics;

Bringing One Peace & Equality
Within The Sacred Unified Heart.


Araina Caress can be used as a perfume,
As a light face oil or face mask, or as a specific
Ointment to bring any chakra or pressure point
which feels out of alignment back into balance.




Araina Caress Ingredients:

Mustard Oil* : Helps circulation - improves skin/hair - promotes heart health

Rose Hip Oil* : Hydrates - moisturizes - brightens - reduces inflammation
Amber Essential Oil* : Brings peace & relaxation - protects from evil - 
improves boundaries, skin & sensuality - sleep aid - reduces pain (on all levels)

Patchouli Essential Oil* : Strengthens boundaries - improves skin - 

relieves depression - eases anxiety & stress - grounding - balances emotions
Frankincense Essential Oil* : Brings healthy cellular, immune, nervous and
digestive function - brings peace & satisfaction - rejuvenates skin - fights cancer -

grounding - strengthens boundaries - improves speaking one's truth
Clary Sage Essential Oil* : Soothes & clears skin - protects - clears negativity -
balances - relaxes - reduces stress - antibacterial - clarifies mind & heart -

natural antidepressant - sets healthy boundaries

Cedar Essential Oil* : Calms the mind - grounding - protects - antibacterial -

purifying - gives vitality & feelings of wellness - improves skin

Monoatomic Gold* : Clears the mind - brings focus - activates DNA -

brings emotional balance - connects one with higher consciousness -

connects one with unconditional love

24k Gold Leaf* : Assists in transformative periods - treats addictions -

improves circulation - improves skin - fights cancer

Rose Quartz Bead* : Soothes - relaxes - heals heart - self love - attracts love

Vegetable Glycerine* : Hydrates skin - improves skin

* All 100% Natural Organic Vegan & Very High Quality




Size: 30ml bottle

Comes with Golden Key Code Mirror: 2,2" wide

(comes without stand as in picture)


Used out of refridgerator: 3 months

In refridgerator: 6 months


Comes with Rose Quartz bead inside the bottle,

to gently shake and evenly distribute the

ingredients before one applicates.

Exchange: $100 + shipping

    Bearthed Within The Diamond Age,

    Designed For The Reclamation
    Of Your Natural BearthRight

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