Stretch Your Breath with the

* Arai'na Body Mat *

Activating Your Diamond Heart
Through the following Key Codes:




*Empowerment OR Protection




Surrounded by Universal Language

Assisting Your Heart to True

Remembrance of the

One Source.



Can be used as a Yoga Mat, or
As an Activational Mat for Body Work

Sessions, or for Self-Activating therapy;

Lay the mat on Your bed for a quick Nap or

Sleeping time, and Awake Renewed & Upgraded

Into Your Diamond Consciousness Light Body.



100% Natural & Eco Friendly Made
In Colours Taupe + White imprinted.


Natural, non-slip Rubber base

Size : 63cm x 180cm

Weight : 2,35 kg


Made per order
By Contrado UK

Shipped worldwide

In Max 2 Weeks.


Exchange: $200,- plus shipping


Care Instructions :
You are Receiving a lovingly
Handmade product, which has natural
Hygienic properties. For cleaning; it can be
Wiped down with a warm, damp cloth after
use, with some natural cleanser if needed.
Many high quality yoga mats require a little
Breaking in; and your new Arai'na Yoga Mat
Is no exception. We suggest using it as much
As possible in the first instance, if you find it
To be a little slippery ; Walk on it, sit on it,
Stretch on it often to reduce the glide,
( You can also use a micro fibre
Towel on top of the fabric,
If you require a little
Extra grip. )

Araina Body Mat - Taupe

Diamond Key Code

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