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Araina Body Mat - Respect & Honor - White

Araina Body Mat - Respect & Honor - White

Elevate your yoga and bodywork experience with the Araina Body Mat.


Each mat is carefully handmade with 100% eco-friendly materials: a natural rubber base topped with a printed cotton fabric and elegant trim, making it anti-slip, durable and lightweight.


The Genetic Key Codes raise the frequency of the room and your body, providing a transformative experience when you rest on it, or use it for meditation, yoga, and bodywork.


Feel the difference this mat brings to Your embodiment practice!


Benefits Genetic Key Codes of Respect & Honor:

- Activates deep space holding both within as without

- Ignites Embodiment of the True and Authentic Self

- Brings a deeper sense of Safety and Security

- Activates protection from all which no longer serves

- Inspires to become more Present within the Now

- ...


Size: 63cm x 180cm / 24.8" x 70.86"

Weight: 2,5kg / 5.5lb

Comes with carry-strap


Handmade per order by Contrado and shipped worldwide.

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