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Araina Body Mat - Core Key Codes - Garnet

Araina Body Mat - Core Key Codes - Garnet

Elevate your yoga and bodywork experience with the Araina Body Mat.


Each mat is carefully handmade with 100% eco-friendly materials: a natural rubber base topped with a printed cotton fabric and elegant trim, making it anti-slip, durable and lightweight.


The Genetic Key Codes raise the frequency of the room and your body, providing a transformative experience when you rest on it, or use it for meditation, yoga, and bodywork.


Feel the difference this mat brings to Your embodiment practice!


Benefits Genetic Core Key Codes:

- Harmonizes and Balances all bodies

- Reunites One within Unconditional Love

- Inspires Wholeness

- Ignites Connection and Transcendence

- Supports in Holistic Embodiment

- ...


Size: 63cm x 180cm / 24.8" x 70.86"

Weight: 2,5kg / 5.5lb

Comes with carry-strap


Handmade per order by Contrado and shipped worldwide.

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