Araina Altar Cloth

Araina Altar Cloth

Araina Altar Cloth


Embrace This Gift In Your Home
As An Altar Cloth, Card Reading Cloth,
Wall Hanging, Or Any Other Form Of
Decoration You Feel Inspired By...


Placing Your Water on or under this cloth

will structure the water to a higher level of

Consciousness; clean distilled water will

structure to 700 LOC (Enlightenment)

When placed on the Key Code products.






Made Of:
Suede Vision 250gsm FR
Soft, Does Not Frey, Matt, Opaque,
Non-Woven, Poly, Faux Suede Face.

Comes In Different Sizes:
- 60cm x 60cm (23,6")
- 70cm x 70cm (27,5") = ORIGINAL SIZE YOUTUBE READINGS
- 100cm x 100cm (39")

- 150cm x 150cm (60")






CoCreated With Contrado, UK
Will Be Shipped Straight From UK
Made Per Order - Delivered In Max 2 Weeks,
Usually Within 1 Week Time, Depending On Destination.


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