Arai'na 24k Gold Coated Agate Coasters



High Activational Home Ware.


Key Codes work within the Body of Water :

They are Dynamic Activations, instantly and

Permanently working within the system of the

Place and/or person. Using Key Code engraved

Coasters will Regenerate the Water/Juice You

Are to drink, and assist in ReMembering Your

Cells to Release All energies that are from

The old, no longer serving, and Create

Space to Receive and Embody the

New Codes of the Diamond



Activate Your Liquids and so

Embody Your Essential Purity

In All Ways and For Ever....





These Coasters come in a Set of 4:

Containing the 4 Core Key Codes in order

To achieve Full Diamond Heart Embodiment:


- Spiritual body : Core Key Code of Love

- Emotional body : Core Key Code of Focus

- Mental body : Core Key Code of Creation

- Physical body : Core Key Code of Harmony



Properties Agate:


* Enhances Creativity

* Strengthens the intellect

* Brings Harmony; improves & heals relationships

* Protects against harmful energies & wards off bad dreams

* Gives courage, emotional strength and Self Confidence

* Dispels fears, grounds the emotions

* Eases Anxiety & Stress

* Especially protective for children

* Cleanses & stabilizes the auric field by transmuting unserving energies

* Strengthens the Body and its Connection to the Earth

* A stone of marital and romantic Fidelity

* Helpful with tooth & gum issues

* Helpful with stomach issues


Agate is a banded form of finely-grained, microcrystalline Quartz.

The Beautiful Colour Patterns and banding make this translucent

Gemstone very unique. Agates can have many distinctive styles

And patterns, but each Agate is Unique in its own habit,

With no two agates being the same.





Made with Authentic Agate from Brazil

Comes in set of 4 pieces


Size : around 3" - 3,5" diameter



Exchange: $259,-
plus shipping - ships world wide

Arai'na 24k Gold Agate Coaster Set - Purple (1)


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