PearlEssence Engraved with Key Code of "Angelic Awareness"




These Powerful Beings are Created

With PearlEssence (Acrylic) & engraved

With the Key Code of Angelic Awareness

To Activate Your Being and Your Home

To The Diamond Consciousness, And

Call In the Assistance Of The Angelic

Essences To Guide You towards

Your Inner Angelic Awareness
& Being And Bring More
Angelic Awareness
Into The World.





PearlEssence Is A Powerful Frequency Which Allows
You To Open Up And Find The Meaning And Purpose
Of Your True Nature. It Enlightens And Inspires. Pearl
Stands Also For Great Wisdom Gained After A Long
Period Of Experience, And Offers Protection, Good
Luck And Abundance To Those Who Are Within
Integrity, Purity And Grace Towards All That Is,
And Stay Loyal To The One Unified Heart,
In Divine Generosity And Compassion.




These Pearlescent Beings Come In 3 Colors,
Which Each Stand For A Slightly Different Activation:

White PearlEssence:
- Brings Deeper Integration Of Your True Natural Beauty.

- Assists With New Beginnings; Moving Through New Situations In Ease And Grace.

- Heals The Inner Child And Brings Back A Sense Of Innocence And Divine Connection.

- Activates And Attracts More Sincerity Within And Around Your Heart; ReConnection
With Your Divine Soul Purpose And Attraction Of True Lasting Love.

- Other Properties: Faith, Protection, Fertility, Honesty, Love.

Pink PearlEssence (Mother Of Pearl):
- Assists In Gaining More Prosperity In All Areas.

- ReActivates Life Force Energy And Opens Creative Channel.
- Brings About Higher Love Within Self And All Relations.
- Brings Success In Business And Good Fortune.
- Relieves Stress And Soothes Emotions.
- Stimulates Intuition, Sensitivity And Adaptability.

- Other Properties: Health, Power, Passion, Kindness, Protection.

Blue PearlEssence:

- Works As An Amulet To Overcome Your Limits.
- Assists In Activating Your True Voice and Standing Up

For Your Truth In Tranquility, Trust, Strength And Courage.

- Assists In Bring More Peace Into Your Life, And So
Being Able To Appreciate The Little Things.
- Other Properties: Responsibility, Confidence,
Dignity, Focus, Security, Soothing, Self Control.






Use as meditation tool, home decoration,
Water Activation (use as placemat), ...





Each seperate piece is Blessed for each

Seperate customer within Diamond Prayers

Of Sovereignty, Abundance, Higher Love,

Joy, Harmony & Happiness - And True

Angelic Awareness.





Made With Authentic Swarovski Crystals


Comes with attachement to hang

(with golden hematite beads)






Size : 10,8" diameter






We Ship WorldWide






Exchange: $250 + shipping

Sun catcher: $310 + shipping

Angelic Pearl*Essence

Sun Catcher

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