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Receive Your Uniquely
Channeled Genetic Key Code

Embark on a Quantum Leap Journey
Through the Inner Alchemy Healing of Your
True Heart; in an Initiation Process guided by
A Certified Genetic Key Code 
With Key Code Readings a
nd Your
Exclusive Key Code.




A Personal Channeled Key Code is a Genetic Key Code which is exclusively drawn/channeled for one individual, in order to bring deeper Clarity on One's Authentic, Unique Sovereign Being and Path of Evolution.


In order to have a Personal Channeled Key Code, One needs to commit to an Initiation Process of 1 up to 2 months. This Initiation includes 3 Personal Key Code Readings, which assist in the Activation Process that takes place during the channeling of the Key Code. (One can receive more readings if necessary, with extra payment.)


The Personal Channeled Key Code brings a deep Metaphysical Activation within the Receiver's Being and Consciousness, as it touches One's blindspots in order for them to be felt, seen, realized and so they have the potential to be released and transmuted into Higher Wisdom Embodied, thus creating a more beneficial outcome within One's Life's Experience.




... Your Heart is desiring to Connect deeper within and explore more of its multidimensionality.

... You are devoted to the Path of Evolution and Embodied Ascension, and are seeking New Ways to realize Your Higher Potential.

... You feel ready to Embrace more of You and are committed to discover the blindspots which are on one hand forming obstacles distracting You from your Path, and on the other hand hold the Pearls of Your Higher Wisdom.

... Your Soul is interested in Seeing its Authentic Divine Blueprint, and You feel ready to Connect deeper within Your Sovereign Nature.

... You are inspired and ignited by Genetic Key Code Alchemy, and wish to experience a True New Paradigm Technology, bringing beneficial results within the All That Is.

... Your Heart is Calling in Higher Divine Service.





* A strongly guided Initiation into the Depth of Your True Heart, held by a Certified Genetic Key Code Alchemist; during this Initiation You will receive 3 personal Key Code Readings (or more, if necessary, upon extra payment) which will bring activation and support during the process of unraveling Your Higher Potential and discovering of the blindspots. After each reading You receive the recording for a lifetime of Remembering.

* One EXCLUSIVE Genetic Key Code, channeled from and for Your Authentic Being, which will be received both digital through email as well as the original drawing will be shipped to You, so it can be framed and be Your Unique Activation Art Piece.

* A Deeper Sense of Truth, Clarity, Sovereignty, Self Empowerment, Peace and Connection within the Divine; it is important to innerstand that a True Initiation will ALWAYS bring up feelings of uncomfortableness; as these are the blindspots being discovered and transmuted into Higher Wisdom. It is normal to experience 1 or more moments of resistance during the process. Your Initiator will hold space during this process, and You are always Safe within Divine Integrity. These moments of resistance will be followed up by moments of bliss and lightness of Being.

* Divine Timing; the Initiation can take from 1 to 2 months. Patience is required, together with perseverance in the willingness to Ascend within One's Consciousness and Being. Each person is unique, each process is unique; depending on the intention of Your True Heart, the process of channeling the Key Code may take more time. The Initiator is only able to channel the Key Code when the Heart is Open and Trusting, the more moments of resistance, the longer the process. This is where the 3 Personal Key Code Readings come in to assist in releasing and transmuting any subconscious resistance and blindspots. 

* A Tantric Weaving Experience. The Initiator is able to channel the Exclusive Diamond Genetic Key Code of the Initiate through a Divine Tantric Weaving within the Metaphysical Realm; where the Essential Purity of both Initiate and Initiator go into Communication. This is how the Initiator is able to transmit the Code into the Physical, through their clear Diamond Channel. In this way, the initiate needs to innerstand that the Heart needs to be Open to the Unknown, so the True Individual and Personal Key Code can come through, without expectations of the ego-mind. The "Essential Purity Communication" can only take place in Trust and Surrender.

* A Sacred Ceremony; One is guided to experience this Initiation as one long Sacred Ceremony, and treat it as such. One can go on and keep living the daily life, yet it is recommended to be aware and respectful to the process initiated, through following the guidance given in the Key Code Readings.

The Ceremony starts in the moment when both Initiator and Initiate agree upon the CoCreation, and the first Key Code Reading has taken place. The Ceremony ends when the Key Code is finished and when the Initiator performs a meditation to close the Ceremony. It is important to innerstand that when the Initiate does not respect the context of the Ceremony, it is extremely difficult for the Initiator to channel the Key Code. More details will be explained in the 30min. opening consult.



Choose the Initiator who resonates deepest within Your Heart's Intuition.

Upon booking this Initiation, you will be able to choose a FREE 30min. "getting to know each other" session - or Opening Consult,
where You will also be able to discuss with Your initiator when and how the Initiation will take place. Any additional questions from both Yourself and the Initiator can be asked during this first consult. The dates and times of the 3 Key Code Readings included in this Initiation will be decided during this session as well.


You will be asked to fill in a form with some important initial questions upon booking this service.