Receive Monthly Collective Upgrades

We are moving through
A Collective Evolution
In each and every moment NOW. 
The Ascension Process is not always easy,
Especially when One moves through it consciously;
With wide open eyes, open mind and open heart.

The PATREON COMMUNITY is here for You,
with monthly powerful Collective
with guidance on each
Level: Spiritually, Emotionally,
Mentally and Physically
, AhnéYah
Channels the collective energies for You
To understand how to move through
Changing and challenging times.
included in 
Patreon membership:

- 1 hour collective key code reading per month
= Spiritual, emotional, mental and physical guidance
Regarding the Ascension Process taking place
Within the individual and the Collective.
+ Inner Divine Union and Twin Ray guidance.
- 15% discount on all araina products*
* Except for the Diamond Gateway Original Art Piece


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Sunaya, Netherlands

Why I Love
AhnéYah's PATREON >

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Grace, Ireland

Why I Love

AhnéYah's PATREON >

All Content And Products Are Bearthed Within The Diamond Age, Designed For The Reclamation Of Your Natural BearthRight.

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