Embrace Sovereign Self Empowerment

Raise your vibration

and upgrade your dna

through the application

of the diamond age



Diamond Genetic Key Code Alchemy is a Metaphysical Technology which is just at the beginning of being anchored anew into the Earth's Grid.

Garden of Araina offers the Araina Academy as a pioneer vortex to transmit its life enhancing effects into the world through multiple levels of Courses and Personal or Collective Guidance Sessions.

Each Course/Session combines the Diamond Genetic Key Codes with Quantum Activating Guided Meditations, Classes and/or Guidelines. 

When joining one of the Courses, One has the opportunity to upgrade to the next course at the reduced rate. This is to give One the chance to gradually prepare* for the Araina Academy of Ascension; which is the Araina Mystery School for full Embodiment of One's Enlightened State.

(*) One however does NOT need to join Course 1 & 2 first, in order to be able join the Academy of Ascension; these two Courses are naturally integrated in the highest offer.

(CLICK HERE to read more on the specific use and effect of the Key Codes.)



Join this Course to Embody deeper

Self Empowerment through FIVE

Powerful Quantum Activating

Guided Affirmation Meditations

And accompanying Diamond Key Codes

Join this Course to Increase Your Abundance

On ANY level in Your Life; emotionally,
Financially, Health wise... And/or
Join this course to prepare
For the Araina Academy.

Is a Highly Activational Online Mystery School
Which brings a strong Quantum Shift
In Your Existence. Become an Abundant
Diamond CoCreator through Diamond Genetic
Key Code Alchemy, and Realize Enlightenment NOW.



Receive an initiation through 1 or 3 personal

Key Code Readings - 1-on-1, live online -

With AhnėYah Divinity, to go in depth

On Your Individual Ascension

Journey, and clarify Your

Authentic Path.

Receive Monthly Ascension Guidance through
Collective Key Code Readings performed
By AhnéYah Divinity. These Readings
Give strong and effective support
On Your Ascension Journey.


 What are Genetic Key Codes?


Genetic Key Codes are translated from Our Universe's Original Language; Sacred Geometry - known for ages in Ancient Cultures as Sacred Healing and Enhancing Energies. All of Life is based upon a Sacred Geometry Blueprint, Hologram or 'Coding', from which the Diamond Genetic Key Codes are the Purest Codes holding Diamond Consciousness or Enlightenment. Upon bringing these Codes Consciously back into Our Environment, We will Remember this Divine State and are capable of removing any obstacles that Keep Us from Being Radiantly Healthy and Thriving as a Divine Human Being, through the integration of Higher Wisdom.


 What is the difference between 'Sacred Geometry', 'Mandalas' and 'Genetic Key  Codes'?

Sacred Geometry are the basic structures like 'Flower of Life', 'Seed of Life', 'Sri Yantra', 'Vescica Pisces',... Within the Genetic Key Code Alchemy We look at these basic structures as the Divine Masculine Expression within the CoCreative Field.

Mandalas are drawings Created by Human Awareness, in a repetitive form, in order to Create a Meditative State to reach Universal Awareness. Simultaneously this Mandala brings a harmonious feel to the space or person that is taking in the visual of this creation. They are usually depicted in a circular-like repetitive shape.

Genetic Key Codes are metaphysical blueprints of the Essences which Our Universe is built out of. They Combine the Masculine Sacred Geometry Structure, with the Divine Feminine Creativity and Universal Language, channeled within a deep trance state. As they are created through a Heart-based expression without interference of the ego and/or depictions created through the ego, they remind and Re-Heart Us of Our Inherent Divinity. As through the careful application of the Technology of Genetic Key Code Alchemy, a Channel to Divinity is Created that Transcends the One who chooses to meditate with a Key Code as a Tool into Higher Consciousness. A Diamond Genetic Key Code is a portal or a "Short-cut to the Divine", we could say, which transmutes the obstacles of the Human Mind. DIAMOND Genetic Key Codes so assist in the Upgrade of Our Being and DNA into the Diamond Consciousness (Enlightenment)

 How do the Key Codes Upgrade Our DNA?

The Diamond Genetic Key Codes remember Our Cells to vibrate at a Higher and more Pure Frequency, through realigning/reactivating Our Blueprint within the Divine. As they work through Quantum Activation, they have an instant impact on Our Physical Body; which is a reflection of Our inner metaphysical world. Thus when Our Consciousness is Heightened, We give Our Bodies the opportunity to rise in Health and Well-Being, and so We upgrade Our Physical Structure from the current 12 strand DNA to the next level 13 stand DNA.

 Why 13 Strand DNA?

The Diamond Genetic Key Codes remember Our current Human DNA to Activate its 13th Strand. As We have been living within the 12th Strand - It is Now Possible through Free Will Choice and Conscious Commitment to evolve into the 13th Level of Our Being. 
12 strand is Connected with the Christ Consciousness (Illumination) - 13 strand is Connected with the Diamond Consciousness (Enlightenment). Each higher strand allows Us to Live in Deeper Empowerment and Sovereignty.