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Embrace Your Essence
Upgrade Your Vibration

A six week

Transformational Journey

To Raise Your Vibration; Embracing

Deeper Self Love, Self Empowerment,

Grace and Abundance within the

Ever Evolving New Now...


- 1 Beautiful Metamorphose Journal/Daily Planner

- All 5 Genetic Core Key Codes - visual/affirmation/guidance

- 5 Powerful guided Affirmation Meditations
with binaural & solfeggio frequencies (text & audio; about 15 min each)

- 1 full-length Affirmation Meditation Video (1 hour 15min)
** Extra option: Core Key Code Mirror Set + 3 Journals


Now for ONLY $199 !


The Araina Metamorphose Course is designed to be an autonomous (repetitive) six week Ritual to come into ever deeper Embodied Self Love, Self Empowerment and Inner Peace within the Changing Challenges of the Ever Evolving New Now. In other words; One can start this Course at any given time, decide One's Own starting date(s) - as there are no online group sessions involved - and One can repeat this Ritual however many times, as the Codes and Meditations support the infinite deepening of One's Journey into Inner Grace.


This Course is a supportive system for One's daily well being, and offers enough space to be easily implemented into One's daily Life as a morning and/or evening Activation and Reflection practice;

a light and fun yet effective way to improve One's Divine Connection.

The five Genetic Core Key Codes and five very powerful Affirmation Meditations activate Inner Peace, deepen One's Connection to the True Breath and assist in achieving an Abundant Mindset. You also receive a beautiful Metamorphose Journal as a daily planner/affirmation practice to strengthen the Embodiment of these Activations.

As what we believe in and what we send out through our thoughts becomes what we Experience, it is the most important thing in today's age to Master the Mind into Positive, Pure & Integer Thinking.
The Metamorphose Course brings a light yet strong daily New Paradigm structure, to allow the Mind to come to Ease and Grace, and so CoCreate a Beneficial Reality for the Self and for All.

Once subscribed, One has life long access to the course content and has the option to order more Journals (one journal for $39 - three journals for only $99). In this way One can InJoy this ritual on repeat if so desired, starting over every six weeks for a continuous daily practice, to come into ever deeper Embodiment of One's Essential Purity. 

Yesterday I did the first meditation and something quite unexpected happened! Within the first few minutes tears started to flow and continued for the whole meditation. Something I know from when I encounter a Truth that I had forgotten."


- Mick, The Netherlands



* You feel a strong Call to upgrade Your Life and You need a New Structure to build upon.

* You want to Embrace the Essence Within.
* You are seeking a new paradigm ritual to insert in Your daily Life.

* You wish to innerstand the True Breath; True Life Force Energy.

* You wish to come into a deeper connection with Your Intuition, in a Clear Channel straight to Source.

* You wish to Embrace deeper Inner Peace.

* You wish to feel more Abundant spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and/or physically.
* You have been stagnant in a "Groundhog Day"-experience and wish to
break free out of a vicious cycle of repeating patterns that are creating obstacles in Your daily life.

* You want to experience more Joy and Freedom in Life and attract miracles and opportunities.

* You want to grow in Your Consciousness, release stuck addictive patterns, and get New Motivation to move onward and forward.

* You are tired of being misled and manipulated by old paradigm energies and are craving a deeper sense of Courage to truly Be Your Better Self.

* You wish to feel more grounded and embodied within the Now, within the New Paradigm.

* You want to Join ARACEAE, but You don't feel quite ready yet.

* You are curious to experience Genetic Key Code Alchemy.

* You don't know why, Your Heart just feels so excited to do this!



- Five Guided Affirmation Meditations
- 16 min. audio each 
(with binaural & solfeggio frequencies) + lyrics

- One Full Length Guided Affirmation Meditation

- 1h 15min VIDEO (with solfeggio frequencies)

- All Five Genetic Core Key Codes
- Visual + Affirmation + Elemental Guidance

- One Metamorphose Journal 

A beautiful weekly/daily planner holding the Codes
And their Affirmations, as well as Guidance for
Reflective Inner Alchemy Journalling.

54 pages high quality print 80lb. - size: B5

** All Course Content is online and strictly accessible

For those who have registered for this Course.

** Once Registered You have LIFELONG ACCESS to all Course Content.