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Activate and Embody Your Higher Potential

Receive a deep DNA-upgrading session,
Through a personal Genetic Key Code Chart

Within a 1 Hour Personal Key Code Reading.

(Wherein the actual Quantum Activation taking place
per Session is equal to one day to one month

or more, depending on One's Intention.)




A Key Code Reading brings a detailed report of the condition which creates Your Presence in this Now moment; it shows You clearly why and how You Are Now, and how to move forward for the Highest Benefit of All. It is performed through the Metaphysical Technology of Genetic Key Code Alchemy. 

The Key Codes in Your Chart give You Confirmation, Clarity and Direction on which steps You need to take in order to move forward in Your Life, with an Omni-Beneficial Result and Radiance.


During the clarification process of the Reading, the mind is able to relax into deeper Grace, through which One can release what no longer serves and open the Heart more as to receive the Activation and Upgrade of One's DNA and Consciousness 

through Diamond Genetic Key Code Alchemy; which is performed by the Reader in the metaphysical realm. The Live Online Reading takes around 1 hour, yet the Quantum Activation performed by the Reader is a full day's work.


A Key Code Reading touches all the 5 bodies (spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and ethereal): how they are and how they interconnect. It shows which areas You need to focus on in order to become more balanced and embodied within Your True Nature, progressively Harmonizing Your bodies into the Diamond Heart.

A Key Code Reading is a powerful alchemizing session which upgrades Your DNA, Your Awareness and Your entire Being, through the recognition of the Essences which are asking for attention in this Now Moment.




The difference with any other Charts out there is that within Genetic Key Code Alchemy there are no “personality boxes”. Each Being has the same Collective Essences within its blueprint and has Equal Potential to Master each of these Essences.

In this way a Key code Reading opens up the possibility of Sovereignty, Self Empowerment and FreedOhm from any dogmas. And so gives You the opportunity to Ascend and become the Conscious CoCreator of Your Life's Experience, for the highest benefit of All That Is.

A Key Code Reading focusses deeply on the movements and Activation of the Key Codes which are prominently present in this Now Moment, and brings Clarity in how to Balance the movements towards Ascension. In this way Your Natural True Authentic Self will rise without effort, feeling deeper connected to Your Divinity.

One Genetic Key Code Reading offers 1 (or multiple) Quantum Leap(s) within Your Consciousness.

As quoted by a client who worked her whole life in therapy/psychiatry, and is now also a Certified GKC Alchemist:


Being for more than 20 years in the medical sector, I must say this is beyond potent... One Key Code Reading is the equivalent of 10 up to sometimes a lifetime of therapy sessions! I was able to break through so many patterns in just one sitting... I have never seen any form of therapy or healing this strong with lasting benefits."

- Anne, Belgium



A Key Code Reading is performed within the Technology of Genetic Key Code Alchemy, where the Reader is able to give You Clarity and Confirmation upon Your Journey and Life's Quest(ion)s from the Multiversal/Multidimensional Perspective where All Is Possible; this means the answers given will reflect Your Highest Potential, and bring guidance in how to deepen Your Sovereign Manifestation Mastery to make this higher potential become realized.

As we live in a Universe of Free Will, the results of the Activation will only take place when One is committed to follow the guidance given through the Reading and keep the Heart open to the metaphysical upgrade. This guidance is not a personal projection from the Reader, yet a channeled reflection of the Receiver's Deepest Intuition and Potential in that Moment. 

You can choose to have a General Reading, in deep trust that the Divine will provide You with the Highest Guidance in this moment Now, AND/OR You can have a specific Intention or Question to direct the focus of the Reading in more detail about a certain situation; any topic is welcome:

Health, Relationships, Soul Purpose, Life Direction, Connecting with other Realms and Dimensions...

As long as Your Heart is open to receive the Higher Truth Beneficial for All involved, Your Reader will be able to provide You with the information You need to hear in this moment in order to move into deeper Awareness and Higher Consciousness, and closer to Your Essential Purity.




Receiving Your Reading and GCK Chart is a powerful Quantum Activation, which upgrades Your DNA.


It is highly recommended to be in Serene Silence and Focus when receiving the session Live Online, and to create space to integrate the effects afterwards.


One can feel strong clearing/cleansing effects, elevation of one’s energy (ecstatic bliss), relief, tiredness, dizziness, ecstasy,... all this is normal and varies person to person and/or reading to reading. These effects can reoccur multiple times in the weeks after.


Hence make sure to have free space of at least 1 hour after having received the Reading. The better one follows the guidance given in the Reading, the faster One will integrate the Activation and so the effects will smooth out and dissolve into new found balance and serenity, in higher consciousness; Embodied Ascension. Please be aware the Activation of the Reading can last for several days up to months up to years. Receiving a Key Code Reading is a Sacred Ceremony which opens the Portal to Higher Dimensions within You; the deeper Your Devotion, the deeper the Activation; Energy Grows Where Intention Flows.

To ease the process of integration it is recommended to drink lots of pure water and if possible stand with bare feet on the Earth in nature right after the session and in the days/weeks after, to allow the DNA upgrade to rebalance the system and release any energies which no longer serve.

You will receive a video recorded replay of the live session which can be listened to at any convenient time, for remembrance and deeper integration.

" Being for more than 20 years in the medical sector, I must say this is beyond potent... One Key Code Reading is the equivalent of 10 up to sometimes a lifetime of therapy sessions! I was able to break through so many patterns in just one sitting... I have never seen any form of therapy or healing this strong with lasting benefits.


- Anne, Belgium

Book Key Code Readig


The Garden offers Key Code readings given by AhnéYah herself (Originator of Genetic Key code Alchemy) and by Certified Genetic Key Code Alchemists who have graduated from the Araina Academy of Ascension.

Although the length of the Live Session is around 1h, please be aware that the Metaphysical Work (Activation) performed by the Reader is around 24h. 

Follow Your intuition as to which Reader resonates the deepest within Your Heart in this Now Moment. Some Readers do not include the GKC Chart.


You will see different price points given by each individual Reader; this however is not equivalent to the strength of the Guidance. All readers have been Certified and approved by AhnėYah to perform the Readings in Grace.