Feel Joy And Be Love All*Ways



"Humanity's Consciousness is Rising,


Yet Our Embodied Awareness is necessary


To make the Shift become Reality."


- AhnéYah Divinity

Garden of Araina offers different

Options of Healing Guidance, next to

The Self-Activating Genetic Key Code Tools 

You can find in the Online Araina Store:

Book a personal session with AhnéYah
And allow Your Self to feel more Self-
Empowered, Sovereign and Free

In Higher Love NOW.

Join the online Patreon Come*Unity

Where AhnéYah creates bi-monthly videos

With detailed channeled updates regarding

The Collective Evolution. These videos

Will assist You in finding more

Clarity and Peace in the

Current Shifts.

Receive answers on Your most

Burning questions through a powerful

Kinesiology Session with AhnéYah and Dan.

Through muscle testing we can access the

Akashic Records in Divine Clarity

And give You relief in times

Of uncertainty.

Download Our Special

FREE Complete Healing Protocol

And allow Your Life to improve

On all levels.

All Content And Products Are Bearthed Within The Diamond Age, Designed For The Reclamation Of Your Natural BearthRight.

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