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GRACE - Testimonial Private Session

Humans frame to understand, they use words to

describe the unknowable. But words freeze an ever expanding creation into a three dimensional picture. Framing the New Paradigm instantly made it a form

with laws, do’s and don’s, and something to thrive for. And while busy doing that, a New New Paradigm

arose in the ever-expanding creation, and

another one, and another one.


Garden of Araina provides a frame for

understanding and discernment, that evolves

and changes every moment. A fabric of light,

sound and codes that enable you to discern

and create and expand at the same time,

in ever evolving New Paradigm.

- Ellen, The Netherlands

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GRACE - Testimonial Private Session

AhneYah’s presence and work bring

a new dimension to this earthly plane.

A Key Code Reading with her opens up

vibrational energies within, and anchors,

whilst ze embody this new way of life.


As being a reader myself for thirty years,

I have never seen something new.

This is a whole new level

of integration to our

highest vibration.

- Avril, New Zealand

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GRACE - Testimonial Private Session

Working with AhnéYah was deep, cellular, empowering, simple, present and lovingly real. I never used those words all in one sentence, in one breath before! 

The lie my mind had is awakened and healed.

I trust to be in love and make love out of life again... Live and become light again..

Combining female and masculine

within... As within, so without.

There can be Heaven on Earth.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Karita, Thailand 

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GRACE - Testimonial ARACEAE

I Believe, I Believe Everything Is All Ways As It Should Be.
As With This Training, It All Ways Was A Full YES From
The Core Of My Being. A Full Surrender To All Which
Presented Its Self And Had To Come Through.
Full Trust, From The Beginning.

50 Key Codes Of An ExtraOrdinary And Balanced Beauty
I Breathed Deeply Into My Being, Week After Week. Such
Deep Gratitude And Honoring To This Magic Initiation

Process. Code After Code I Became More Aware And
Conscious Of The Pure Essence That I AM Within
My Natural Being. I See These Codes As Reflections
Of A Higher Power Within Me, Which Activates And
Balances, And Which Have Freed Me From All Illusions
And Brought Me Back To My True Core. My Purity.

They Live Within Me Now,

I Can Call Upon Them,
All Ways And Every Time Again.

I Feel A Deep Peace And Trust Within

My Self, My Path, And The Connection With Life.

I Thank AhnéYah And Honor Her For Her ExtraOrdinary

Gift, Her Presence, Her Pure Being. I Thank My Self And Honor My Self For Following My Heart And For The

Gift I Gave My Self. My Heart Is Open Now;

I Live In Freedom And Happiness.


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

- A'ura K'aran, Belgium 

Graduate of ARACEAE 2019


GRACE - Testimonial ARACEAE

These Past Eleven Months AhnéYah Divinity Took Me On

The Most Wonderful Journey I Could Ever Dream Of.

It Went Even Far Beyond Of What I Ever Could Have Imagined. She Showed Me A Path Of Clarity, Of

Balance, Of Full Liberation, Inside And Out.

AhnéYah’s Teachings Didn’t Change Me,

They Brought Me Closer To My Inner Core,

To My True Self. She Knows How Deeply

I Respect And Love Her, But It Is

Impossible For Me To Put

That Into Human


- Ava'Yahnah, Belgium 

Graduate of ARACEAE 2019


GRACE - Testimonial Private Session & Customer

Wow, this blessed woman AhnéYah is a rare

and sacred jewel upon this planet. She is truly one

of the purest and clearest embodied channels on our

planet at this time. Her essence pours through

everything she offers and upgrades, rewires

and connects our synaptic channels,

nadis and energy body to true Unconditional Love. 

She is a pure channel of the Original pure template of humanity and Gaia. Every offering I have ever received

from her has brought immense Joy, wisdom,

activation, remembrance & peace

within my being.

The Key Code Readings are unlike any other readings

on the Earth. She is able through the codes of source to

tap into the essence of your being and provide a mirror

of where you are, where you are going and exactly

what embodiments you need to come through one

door and to open a new way of being that

is the next evolutionary step.

She is a true channel, pure mirror,

compassionate and patient being that

really brings through the messages the

codes are sharing with depth and lightness.

 I always feel upgrades pouring through and

my being experiencing waves of bliss, joy

and pure excitement for the journey. 

These Codes and Readings are truly next level,

Thank You for the gift of your purity,

grace and clarity.

- Lua, USA 

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GRACE - Testimonial Private Session

AhnéYah shares the codes & frequency

the new earth needs. I feel deeply grateful to

feel such resonance with her offerings and work &

wish to see her wisdom & love reach thousands of

children, men & women! I see the vision of

creating a conscious education coming

from our hearts wisdom - and

re-aligning the earth to her

highest vibration.

In deep gratitude & celebration

of re-connection!

- Jelena, Jamaica 


GRACE - Testimonial Private Session

I experienced the Tattoo Activation

Initiation from dear AhnéYah as a truly

 deep and rich process. A magical gift from

the universe. The initiation opened

myself up to deeper layers of

myself, which I didn’t even

knew were closed.

During the process old fears

and pains came up that I could release.

The fear of committing to myself, to my

path or the fear of not knowing

the end result, trying to control.

At the end I am so grateful for the

whole experience and initiation. AhnéYah

has the ability to connect deeply with your

being and create space for you to open

yourself up to your true heart’s gift. 

This connected me deep to my

own core and that, I realized,

is not something for the faint

hearted. To truly step into your

own greatness is quite something...

The Tattoo Activation is a powerful

reminder for me of this, and something

I will carry lovingly for the rest of my life.

- Sanne, The Netherlands


GRACE - Testimonial ARACEAE

If there is one thing I could say it would be to listen to your heart when

it guides you towards the academy! I am so so so grateful I did.

It can feel like a big step, a huge step, and it is; into your

most beautiful truest powerful loving self

you could ever imagine.


I cannot express enough my Love for the academy and the key codes. 

The proces is so beautiful, quickly effortlessly and joyfully guiding you,

opening you, cleansing you into your most beautiful real divine

sparkling self that you have always been. 


You will easily let go of the pains, fears, worries, doubts or believes

that you might not even realise you carry. You will come into full clarity,

your infinite power and walk with grace. You will become a

master of your life within no time. 


I have never felt so much trust, surrender, guidance and support.

Everything keeps falling into perfect place. I feel I am deeply surrendered

to the divine guidance and my most beautiful Self and feel so much

bliss, endless unconditional love like I never felt before. 


From the moment I decided to join the academy

my life changed, and kept changing, into the life that I always

knew I wanted but didn’t quite manifest so easily. Ever more aligned

with what I love and who I am and what my hearts guides me to do.

Everything around me keeps reflecting the inner beauty of

my being, showing me the perfection and infinite

intelligence of the all that is.


I laugh so much more. Life has become very easy,

also when it is not easy on the outside (or inside) my attitude is one

of gratitude and love. Of open receptivity. Being able to hold anything with

strength, softness and grace. I could not have dreamt nor imagined the

place the academy took me, and so quickly, effortlessly

and with so much joy also! 


The technology of the key codes is from the highest vibration

and works so effectively beyond what the mind could comprehend.

The sequence of the different codes is so perfect building onto each other, transforming you every day again. Be ready for complete transformation into

the One you have always longed for! In addition to the key codes you will

receive online classes that are of such incredible quality, I have never

seen anything that comes close to this amount of clarity.

Drawing the key codes has become my favorite

way to spend me-time as it is so

transforming, nourishing,

joyful and effective.


And on top of this truly truly truly amazing gift

- to yourself but also to the collective and the all that is -

you will also find yourself in the most loving, inspiring,

powerful, beautiful and honest community

of light bringing souls.

-  Na'IhYah, The Netherlands 

Graduate ARACEAE 2020