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The Metaphysical Technology of the Ever Evolving New Paradigm
Originally Channeled by AhnėYah Mihinah (Founder Garden of Araina)

The Evolution of Humanity and the All That Is, is an ultimate paradox; it happens both naturally as well as needing Our Conscious Effort for it to be able to exist. As We grow and evolve, so need Our Technologies and Healing Techniques be upgraded in each moment Now, to give Humanity and Human Consciousness the highest potential of Realization.

There is currently a lack of True New Paradigm Teachings, as most teachings are based in a belief system of limited awareness, where One is dependent on and designed by external influences "of a higher power", and therefor One is continuously subconsciously conditioned into a codependent nature.

Genetic Key Code Alchemy (GKCA) offers the Ever Evolving Quantum Leap desired by the Unified Heart, allowing One to Remember One's Original Sovereign, Self-Empowered, Multidimensional and Multiversal Nature. The more Humanity allows the Ever Evolving New Now to Be, the more Humanity will Rise into a Harmonious, Sustainable and thus Supportive of Beneficial Universal and Multiversal Evolution.


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Genetic Key Code Alchemy is a Metaphysical Technology which activates One's Multiversal DNA; allowing for Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical and Ethereal Alignment; resulting in reaching and embodying an ever higher capacity of One's Consciousness.


All That Is has a Metaphysical Blueprint; without this blueprint, nothing could ex-is-t in this physical realm. True change can only take place when this original blueprint is upgraded. When One upgrades only within the physical, the change is superficial and fleeting. One needs to upgrade the Core of One's Existence; the metaphysical blueprint, in order to have the result of True and Permanent Change, permeating automatically into the activation of One's physical Experience, improving One's Existence which is not only beneficial for the individual, yet also for the Whole.


In other words: Genetic Key Code Alchemy activates True Embodiment of ever higher levels of Consciousness, resulting in a deeper Loving, Sovereign, Harmonious and Abundant CoCreation within the All That Is.


What is Metaphysical Technology ?

>> An application of higher knowledge to enhance Human Life, focussed on bringing awareness to the inherent and universal elements of reality which are not easily discovered or experienced in our everyday life. Metaphysical Technology rediscovers the concepts of existence, space and time, cause and effect, possibility and the correlation of the multiverses (multidimensionality) within the physical experience. <<

Genetic Key Code Alchemy adopts this Technology within the World of Alchemy; which is a "seemingly magical process of transformation or creation". The Codes touch the seemingly untouchable and thus this Alchemy allows for One to Activate and Remember One's inherent Divine Potential, or Divine DNA, or Higher Potential, or Multidimensional Nature. 


How is Genetic Key Code Alchemy different from other healing techniques, educations or philosophies currently present on Earth ?

Most vortexes present a conditioning and limited universe or awareness. This is a natural result of how Consciousness has been evolving within this Universe, the Evolutionary Path of Humanity has not been ready, so to say, for this next Step, as other previous steps needed primary attention and completion. Yet within the past 40 years (more or less) there has come a wider opening within the Collective Field for the Diamond Consciousness, which then opens the door to many multidimensional and multiversal levels of Consciousness.

To explain deeper; take for example astrology or human design or gene keys or any form of education or religion present in the current society; all these vortexes present a specific type of "boxes" wherein One should fit, and how One is or exists, or even how One should walk their path in order to be "a good and fulfilled person". If One is born at a certain time, or in a certain place or is at a certain age, these boxes make One believe that all is pre-destined and One so has no power over the Evolution of One's Existence. In this way, it has been impossible for the masses to reach any True Embodied form of Sovereignty. Resulting in a disharmonious coexistence between Humanity on Earth and within the Multiverse. Simultaneously this period of "boxing" was necessary to prepare Humanity for the next level, through a deep subconscious pressure of resistance that has been building up and is now ready to push One through to the next level.

GKCA offers a clear pathway of this "next level" of Divine FreedOhm presented through the Genetic Key Codes - which embody the Ever Evolving New Paradigm; wherethrough anyone is perceived to have the same potential within the Self, as long as One is truly and wholly devoted to the Path of Evolution, and willing to release all which no longer serves without any expectation, stepping consciously on the Path of Inner Divine Union; Becoming One within the All That Is. In this way GKCA releases One from the Karmic Cycle into Sovereignty.


What are the Benefits of Genetic Key Code Alchemy? How does it work?

GKCA is bearthed from within the "No Time No Space" Realm, where Nothing Is, yet All Exists, and thus All Is Possible. Therefor a GKCA Session can be offered in many ways, and can resolve any disturbance or disease on any level within the Human Experience. From emotional to mental to spiritual to physical distress.
AhnėYah herself was able to cure herself from cancer and complete blindness in one eye, as well as myopia in both eyes, together with upgrading her life to higher abundance on all levels. Clients and initiates within the Academy have experienced healings in the physical as well like: healing cancer, straightening physical imbalance (a leg which was bent for the client's entire life, was set straight after one session), coming into true love and balanced relationships, activating miraculous healing abilities, simply feeling more ease and grace within One's existence and so much more...

The reason why GKCA is so potent is because it mainly Activates One's True Divine Nature by igniting the Remembrance of Divinity Within into Embodiment. In GKCA it is believed that any dis-ease exists from dis-harmony between One's Essential Purity and One's physical daily life experience. As GKCA touches the deepest subconscious layers, the root of the cause can be resolved and thus the dis-ease transmutes into a higher beneficial outcome.

In this way One can See that GKCA enhances the DNA of any living essence: DNA is known as "the carrier of Genetic information", or "the fundamental and distinctive characteristics or qualities of someone or something, especially when regarded as unchangeable". When that which is regarded as 'unchangeable' - which is the core issue - does become resolved through an upgrade within One's deeper Embodied Consciousness, One's DNA reflects this upgrade and thus One is able to reach and BE within One's Higher Potential on all levels.

Every Genetic Key Code Alchemist develops his or her own Authentic way of expressing GKCA. Yet all Graduates of the Araina Academy of Ascension and Embodiment are also certified to give GKC readings, which bring an instant DNA upgrade.

The only necessity for GKCA to work, is that the receiver needs to be Open and Willing in One's Heart to Receive the Activation. If there is too much resistance through disbelief or ego-projections, the Activation will not or only temporary take place.

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How to be or become a Genetic Key Code Alchemist

GKCA is a Technology which can only be mastered through a deep devotional path; it is a lifestyle rather than a profession. In other words; One cannot simply follow a course, get a diploma and then go to work as a GKC Alchemist. One needs to Become Genetic Key Code Alchemy.

The reason for this being is that GKCA can only exist from Embodied Inner Mastery, expressed through Sovereign Authenticity. Hence One needs to work on multiple layers within the Self in order to acquire and maintain the Activation of the Inner Source which brings GKCA to Life and thus successful in its application. For this One needs to make devotional life choices and changes in order to allow One's Authentic Nature and Mastery to become Embodied.

The Araina Academy of Ascension and Embodiment is the Pioneer and only vortex on Earth offering the initiation of GKCA. Here One commits to an initiation of initially 6 months up to 4,5 years, followed by a lifetime of devotion to One's Authentic Masterful Evolution. The Academy awakens One ever more within One's Essential Purity, through which the Alchemy becomes effective.

As currently not many have yet been successful in achieving the mastering of GKCA, One can look to the list of Certified GKC Alchemists, to make sure One is in direct alignment with a True GKC Alchemist. (Beware falsehood! always check this list first, before entering in a GKCA session.)

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