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A Modern Mystery School

A mystery school is a place where One remembers the metaphysical realm, and learns metaphysical tools in order to alchemize One's Life Experience for the better.

From the ancient times, mystery schools ask for a vow of secrecy of these teachings. And it is so within ARACEAE; not to be cut of of society, rather to honor and respect everyone's being, in the realization that the teachings given by the Yahrin Lineage do have a very powerful effect. It is the responsibility of the initiator and initiate to make sure to not present the teachings without the proper space holding. 

A Focus On Evolution

The Garden of Araina is a philosophy focused on the evolution of the soul and mind. We offer a wide range of resources that have been created to help you find true clarity and devotion in your life. Our tools are designed to motivate and inspire you to persevere through the difficult times and to find the purity that is inside of you.

At Garden of Araina, we show you how to activate your higher self, so you can live your best life. We believe that by taking the time to invest in yourself, you can create a lifetime of fulfillment. Join us on this journey today.

Welcome to the Garden of Araina! Our mission is to help people evolve and awaken to the highest level of awareness and understanding. We provide tools and teachings that motivate individuals to persevere, be devoted, clear, pure, and activate the potential within them.


Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that your life is a journey, and that each day is a chance to grow and become more enlightened. Here at the Garden of Araina, we strive to cultivate an environment that fosters growth and learning, so that you can gain insight and wisdom that will last a lifetime.

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