The Diamond Consciousness is another wording for the state of Enlightenment; the state of being free of all attachments and Seeing All That Is as a part of the Immaculate Whole, without judgement or expectations, yet having Divine Discernment to CoCreate consciously for the Benefit of All That Is, for the beneficial Evolution of All. One who is Embodied within the Diamond Consciousness is Sovereign, Self-empowered, has access to Higher Wisdom and has contained Divine FreedOhm. 

The name "Diamond" refers to the strength, the purity, the clarity, the courage and the perseverance of the Diamond element in the physical plane; which is formed through highly pressured carbon making its way into one of the hardest elements on Earth. Pure and True within its Essence, reflecting only Higher Love and Wisdom into the Whole. With "Higher" Love etc. the intention is to point out the Love/Wisdom/Truth/etc. which is ever evolving within itself and therefor the evolution thereof is reflected. 

When we perceive the Carbon as the old paradigm, the karmic world of right and wrong, of limitations and disempowerment, We can see the Diamond as the One who has Freed the Self out of the karmic cycle through taking responsibility within the knowledge that One Is, All That Is. And therefor choosing to be Sovereign and Authentic, within Divine Service to the Whole.


Many who reach this Diamond State, choose to consciously walk the Path of the Boddhisatva; "a person who is able to reach nirvana but delays doing so out of compassion in order to save suffering beings."  Or in other words; to be in Divine Service to the Collective, creating pathways towards Enlightenment.

Even though the Diamond Consciousness is a philosophy which is not related to any religion, it is known that buddhism is the number one religion which within its practical expression on Earth is currently the closest to the realization of Diamond Consciousness. Hence Buddha also speaks of the "Diamond Sutra". Yet regardless of any religion, Diamond Consciousness can be reached by anyone who consciously chooses the Devotional Path of FreedOhm, willing to take the Responsibility to step out of the old paradigm karmic cycle; which has been a necessary field for Human Consciousness to evolve through, yet currently is no longer needed, and even has become one of the biggest limited belief systems within the Collective Consciousness, causing stagnation in the current collective evolutionary process.

The Garden of Araina's Intention is to bring awareness to the current Possibilities within the Evolution of Consciousness, in order to set Humanity Free into the Diamond Age, where this 'Carbon' Karmic Field is transmuted into a new paradigm awareness. "Araina" stands for "Being Pure, Whole and Complete" - like a Diamond in the Rough, being a pioneer in this New Paradigm Embodiment.


The Diamond Consciousness focusses on the Higher Truth that All That Is continuously evolves, thus also the concept of Enlightenment within itself. The Diamond Philosophy encourages One to See there is always a next stage of evolution possible and a next layer of the All to Realize the All within itself. If there were an 'end zone' to Enlightenment, Evolution would not exist, and therefor nothing would exist. As Evolution is the Life Force running through The All That Is.

Embodying the Diamond Consciousness allows One to reach a Higher Level of Potential within the Self, and simultaneously stay open within the Realm of Infinite Possibility and thus Eternal Transcendence for the Benefit of All That Is.

The Araina Academy of Ascension awakens One within the Diamond Consciousness, and therefor offers One the Free Will Choice within the infinite possibility of CoCreation within the All, for the Benefit of All That Is.