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Key Code Reading



A Key Code Reading is a detailed report of the condition which creates Your Presence in this Now moment; it shows You clearly why and how You Are Now, and how to move forward for the Highest Benefit of All.


It is performed through the Quantum Science of Diamond Genetic Key Code Alchemy. The Key Codes in Your Chart give You confirmation, clarity and direction on which steps You need to take in order to move forward in Your Life ~ with an Omni-Beneficial Result/Radiance.


A Key Code Reading touches all the 5 bodies (spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and ethereal): how they are and how they interconnect. It shows which areas You need to focus on in order to become more balanced and embodied within Your True Nature, Harmonizing Your bodies into the Diamond Heart.

A Key code Reading is a powerful alchemizing session which upgrades Your DNA, Your Awareness and Your entire Being, through the recognition of the Essences which are asking for attention in this Now Moment.



The difference with any other Charts out there is that within Diamond Consciousness (where the Key Codes exist from) there are no “personality boxes”. Each Being has the same Collective Essences within its blueprint and has Equal Potential to Master each of these Essences.

In this way a Key code Reading opens up the possibility of Sovereignty, Self Empowerment and FreedOhm from any dogmas. And so gives You the opportunity to Ascend and become the Conscious CoCreator of Your Life's Experience, for the highest benefit of All That Is.

Each Being also has authentic and unique codes, which determine how One experiences the Collective Oneness through an individual life story/gift/expression.

A Key Code Reading focusses deeply on the movements and activation of Your Collective Essences; as when these are all balanced, Your Natural True Authentic Self will rise without effort, and thus Your individual Key Codes will automatically be activated therefrom, and so You will feel deeper connected to Your Divinity.

One Diamond Genetic Key Code Reading offers 1 (or multiple) Quantum Leap(s) within Your Consciousness.

As quoted by a client who worked her whole life in therapy/psychiatry:

"This is beyond potent... One Key Code Reading is the equivalent of 10 up to sometimes a lifetime of therapy sessions! I was able to break through so many patterns in just one sitting."

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A Key Code Reading is performed within Diamond Channeling. Combined with a Channel tuned into the Diamond Consciousness and the Technology of Genetic Key Code Alchemy, AhnéYah is able to give You Clarity and Confirmation upon Your Journey and Life's Quest(ion)s.


You can choose to have a General Reading, in deep trust that the Divine will provide You with the Highest Guidance in this moment Now, AND/OR You can have an Intention or a Question to direct the Focus of the Reading more Specifically.

Any topic is welcome:

Health, Relationships, Soul Purpose, Life Direction, ...

As AhnéYah is able to tap into the Akashic Records, she will provide You with the information You need to hear in this moment in order to move into deeper Awareness and Higher Consciousness.



Receiving Your Reading and DGCK Chart is a powerful Quantum Activation, which upgrades Your DNA.


It is highly recommended to be in Serene Focus when receiving the session Live Online, and creating space to integrate the effects afterwards.


One can feel strong clearing effects, elevation of one’s energy, relief, tiredness, dizziness, ecstasy,... all this is normal and varies person to person and/or reading to reading. These effects can reoccur multiple times in the weeks after.


Hence make sure to have free space of at least 1 hour after having received the Reading. The better one follows the guidance given in One’s chart, the faster One will integrate the activation and so the effects will smooth out and dissolve into new found balance and serenity, in higher consciousness.

To ease the process of integration it is recommended to drink pure water and if possible stand with bare feet on the Earth in nature after the session, to allow the DNA upgrade rebalance the system and release any energies which no longer serve.

You receive a recorded replay of the live session which can be listened to at any convenient time, for deeper integration, if so desired.

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" Being for more than 20 years in the medical sector, I must say this is beyond potent... One Key Code Reading is the equivalent of 10 up to sometimes a lifetime of therapy sessions! I was able to break through so many patterns in just one sitting... I have never seen any form of therapy or healing this strong with lasting benefits.


- Anne, Belgium


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