Allow Your Heart to keep Expanding
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Every Moment Now Humanity has the opportunity and capacity to Ascend and Embody Higher Consciousness for deeper Harmony to Exist within the Whole. This capacity is available within each and every One, yet needs Conscious Devotion to be Activated and stay Maintained for a True Beneficial outcome.

To Ascend, Embody and Evolve is not always an easy path, it requires a lot of Focus, Purity, Clarity, Strength and Courage to be Open in the Heart every step of the way. As a closed Heart cannot Embody True Beneficial Evolution.

AhnéYah presents a
weekly Collective Channeling through Diamond Genetic Key Code Alchemy, offering Support to those who walk consciously on this Path of Divine Evolution. Each Channeling contains a one hour Genetic Key Code Reading, combined with a resonating subliminal Solfeggio Frequency, for a deep Quantum Activation of this deeper Focus, Purity, Clarity, Strength and Courage to be able to move through the Collective Energies in deeper Ease and Grace, whilst being in Divine Service for the Benefit of all That Is.

Every two weeks there is a general Collective Reading, every other two weeks there is a Collective Reading more focussed on the masculine/feminine dynamics within the Self and within the Whole.

Each Reading is channeled for the time it is posted, as well as TIMELESS; as the Key Codes exist from "No time-No Space", One can use this YouTube Channel as an Oracle and pick the Readings One feels intuitively guided to listen to.


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" Every Word You Say Is Spot On... Every word is an activation on its own. Thank You so much for Your Clarity and Guidance. I am so grateful to have You as a guide on my Path." 


- Anil, Turkey