Graduates of the Araina Academy
of Ascension and Embodiment (AAAE)

Genetic Key Code Alchemy is a New Paradigm Technology which requires deep study through a specific and intense Quantum Activation Course within the Online Mystery School; the Araina Academy of Ascension. This Academy is the ONLY vortex existing on Earth holding space for the Embodiment of this Technology. Which means that only Certified Graduates of the Academy are able to transmit the activating and healing frequencies of (Genetic) Key Codes.

AhnéYah Divinity is also the Original Channel/Founder of 'Key Code Tattoo/Tatau Activations' with the Codes, please be aware that only graduates of the Academy can also perform this very high level of Psychic Surgery. These Tatau Ceremonies bring a high level of Activation and Healing, and the Ceremony can cause distress if performed by someone who is not fully initiated. To perform this advanced level of quantum surgery, Initiates of the Academy need to partake an extra Course to attain an extra Certification especially for Key Code Tatau Activation.


Make sure to check the list below to see if the person who claims to transmit 'Key Codes' is performing 'Tattoo/Tatau Activations' or 'Key Code Tattoo/Tatau' is Authentic and Certified; Key Code Alchemy has a deep cellular effect, and when not transmitted within Mastery it can cause unnecessary dis*ease (mostly deeply sub- or unconscious) within One's system- which will be non-beneficial in the long term - instead of Igniting and Awakening Embodied Ascension.

This Technology is Bearthed by the All That Is - through AhnéYah's Channel - in order to Create more Harmony Here*Now, please be discerning concerning plagiarism and fraudulence for Your own well being and the well being of All.


The list below shows all the Beautiful Hearts who have received their *Genetic Key Code Alchemist Certificate* and are now a Conscious Diamond Pilar within the Collective Field;