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We are moving through
A Collective Evolution
In each and every moment NOW. 
The Ascension Process is not always easy,
Especially when One moves through it consciously;
With wide open eyes, an open mind and an open heart.

THE "ASCENSION SUPPORT" is here for You,
with monthly powerful Collective
with guidance on each
Level: Spiritually, Emotionally,
Mentally and Physically
, AhnéYah
Channels the collective energies for You
To understand how to move through

Changing and challenging times.

" These Readings are just too Powerful to miss! They always speak deep to my heart and resonate most of the time strongly with my life's situation.I always look forward to the new reading and use them to stay clear and balanced.


- Sunaya, The Netherlands

included in 
ascension support

- 1 hour collective key code reading per month
+ occasional extra readings
- 30 min Collective General Reading + Chart
- 30 min Twin Ray / Divine Union Reading + Chart

- continuous 10% discount on all
araina home and body ware


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