Receive Monthly Collective Readings

Example Collective Key Code Reading:

We are moving through
A Collective Evolution
In each and every moment NOW. 
The Ascension Process is not always easy,
Especially when One moves through it consciously;
With wide open eyes, an open mind and an open heart.

THE "ASCENSION SUPPORT" is here for You,
with monthly powerful Collective
with guidance on each
Level: Spiritually, Emotionally,
Mentally and Physically
, AhnéYah
Channels the collective energies for You
To understand how to move through
Changing and challenging times.
These upgrades are given through a monthly
Uploaded video of 1 hour containing both the general
Collective Reading, and a Twin Ray/Divine Union Reading,
Both with the Key Code Charts in pdf form. You also
Will have a permanent 10% Discount on all Araina
Products during the length of Your subscription.
included in 
ascension support

- 1 hour collective key code reading per month
+ occasional extra readings
- 30 min Collective General Reading + Chart
- 30 min Twin Ray / Divine Union Reading + Chart
- continuous 10% discount on all araina products
* You can subscribe MONTHLY or YEARLY.

** Yearly subscription gives 2 FOR MONTHS FREE.

*** Any subscription plan can be cancelled
Without extra fees at any time.
  • Ascension Support

    Every month
    Receive Monthly COLLECTIVE Readings for Ascension Support
    • 1 General Collective Key Code Reading +Chart
    • 1 Collective Divine Union / Twin Ray Key Code Reading +Chart
    • Permanent 10% Discount on All Araina Home&Body Ware Products
  • One Year Support

    Every year
    Receive One Year Ascension Support -with a 2 month discount!
    • All Included in "Ascension Support" for 1 Year
    • 2 Months Ascension Support for FREE


Sunaya, Netherlands

Why I Love
AhnéYah's Readings >

These Readings are just to Powerful to miss! They always speak deep to my heart and resonate most of the time strongly with my life's situation.
I always look forward to the new reading and use them to stay clear and balanced.

Portrait of Young Woman
Grace, Ireland

Why I Love

AhnéYah's Readings >

Thank you for these readings, they definitely always resonate. I feel I've been made aware of a specific energy or frequency that has been disruptive in my field, for a long time now, however I'm still finding it challenging to release from that, so these readings are very helpful, I definitely feel a higher perspective on the horizon.
Thank you for all your guidance.

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