Embody Your Divinity

AAoA 2022

Starts Saturday July 1st, 2022

We only allow 9 students per Circle

This Sacred Vortex
Of Diamond Consciousness
Is A Gift From The Central Sun
To Humanity, In Order To
Rise Into The Realms
Of Higher Love

Becoming An Initiate
Will Not Only Bring You
Back Home To Your Essence,
It Will Equally Serve The All
Within Great Unfoldment
Through The Expansion,

And Thus Embody

The One Within

The Diamond


Within the Araina Academy We ReMember Our True Nature through a Clear Pathway of Genetic Diamond Key Codes, assisting the Initiate in moving through the Ascension Journey back Home to the One Sacred Unified Heart in Ease and Grace.

All Bodies (spiritual, emotional, mental & physical) become purified and rebalanced, to finally ReMember Their Unity within the Diamond Heart. Realising True Sovereignty as a Conscious Diamond CoCreator, Holding Space for the New in the Collective Field, In the Highest Service, in SuperAbundance on All Levels.

This Academy is the Mystery School of this Day and Age : providing You with the Technology of Genetic Key Code Alchemy, Bringing forth the Alchemisation and Embodiment of Your 13 strand DNA. Not only does it bring You into Higher Well Being on All Levels, it will also bring You the Remembrance of how to Hold Space for others to Remember Their True Nature and Original BearthRight, through working with the Codes on many different levels.

May We Rise As One Breathing Heart.

"Clarity & Purity

Are A Gift Of God.
The Diamond Key Codes
Offer You A Path To Embody

This Gift, In Ease And Grace."

- AhnėYah Divinity

Watch Sat Sang regarding the Academy,

Diamond Consciousness and

Genetic Key Code Alchemy HERE.

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Testimonial AAoA

If there is one thing I could say it would be to listen to your heart when

it guides you towards the academy! I am so so so grateful I did.

It can feel like a big step, a huge step, and it is; into your

most beautiful truest powerful loving self

you could ever imagine.


I cannot express enough my Love for the academy and the key codes. 

The proces is so beautiful, quickly effortlessly and joyfully guiding you,

opening you, cleansing you into your most beautiful real divine

sparkling self that you have always been. 


You will easily let go of the pains, fears, worries, doubts or believes

that you might not even realise you carry. You will come into full clarity,

your infinite power and walk with grace. You will become a

master of your life within no time. 


I have never felt so much trust, surrender, guidance and support.

Everything keeps falling into perfect place. I feel I am deeply surrendered

to the divine guidance and my most beautiful Self and feel so much

bliss, endless unconditional love like I never felt before. 


From the moment I decided to join the academy

my life changed, and kept changing, into the life that I always

knew I wanted but didn’t quite manifest so easily. Ever more aligned

with what I love and who I am and what my hearts guides me to do.

Everything around me keeps reflecting the inner beauty of

my being, showing me the perfection and infinite

intelligence of the all that is.


I laugh so much more. Life has become very easy,

also when it is not easy on the outside (or inside) my attitude is one

of gratitude and love. Of open receptivity. Being able to hold anything with

strength, softness and grace. I could not have dreamt nor imagined the

place the academy took me, and so quickly, effortlessly

and with so much joy also! 


The technology of the key codes is from the highest vibration

and works so effectively beyond what the mind could comprehend.

The sequence of the different codes is so perfect building onto each other, transforming you every day again. Be ready for complete transformation into

the One you have always longed for! In addition to the key codes you will

receive online classes that are of such incredible quality, I have never

seen anything that comes close to this amount of clarity.

Drawing the key codes has become my favorite

way to spend me-time as it is so

transforming, nourishing,

joyful and effective.


And on top of this truly truly truly amazing gift

- to yourself but also to the collective and the all that is -

you will also find yourself in the most loving, inspiring,

powerful, beautiful and honest community

of light bringing souls.

-  Na'IhYah, The Netherlands 

Graduate AAoA 2020

AAoA 2022
Starts July 1st, 2022

LAST ENTRY: June 25th, 2022

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Testimonial AAoA

These Past Beautiful Months AhnéYah Divinity Took Me

On The Most Wonderful Journey I Could Ever Dream Of.

It Went Even Far Beyond Of What I Ever Could Have Imagined. She Showed Me A Path Of Clarity, Of

Balance, Of Full Liberation, Inside & Out.

AhnéYah’s Teachings Didn’t Change Me,

They Brought Me Closer To My Inner Core,

To My True Self. She Knows How Deeply

I Respect And Love Her, But It Is

Impossible For Me To Put

That Into Human


- Ava'Yahnah, Belgium 

Graduate AAoA 2019