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Araina Academy of Embodied Ascension for Evolution

Pioneer Online Modern Mystery School offering the
Transcending benefits of Genetic Key Code Al

Discover a NEW WAY
to Self Mastery & Inner Peace

Come into Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Physical BALANCE through a natural step-by-step process,
Taking You ever closer to your True Self,

In Ease and Grace.


​Create a Life of INNER PEACE and ABUNDANCE,

Embodied within Your TRUE AUTHENTIC BEING.

Discover a groundbreaking transformational journey towards deeper Self Mastery and Inner Peace within ARACEAE's online program.


Over a period of 6 months, You will explore 55 Genetic Key Codes which step-by-step unlock the secrets of Your DNA and provide a deeper understanding of Your True Self; refining Your natural talents and abilities and guiding You towards the Embodiment of Your Higher Potential.


The Pioneer approach of the Yahrin Philosophy presented in ARACEAE brings a unique program that is a blend of Genetic Key Code Alchemy, prayers, transmissions, scriptures, guided meditations and more, all designed to support You in Your personal growth.


With weekly online group gatherings and personal sessions, You'll get the guidance You need to feel safe and secure on Your authentic journey and to achieve Your unique goals in Life


Book a free 30min. Discovery Call with AhnėYah Yahrin
to register for the upcoming Circle in July 2024:

If You are in a different timezone and the available times are not possible for You, please send a message to, and we can arrange a time slot and day that suits Your daily schedule.

Why Choose ARACEAE ?

At ARACEAE, we offer a unique approach to consciousness that focuses on helping individuals connect with their true selves and find their authentic path. Our aim is to help our members break free from the conditioning of the past, present, and future, and experience inner peace like never before.


We believe that everyone has the potential to live a meaningful life, and that true fulfillment can only be found when You connect with Your True Authentic Being. By joining ARACEAE, you’ll receive the guidance and support You need to achieve this in ease and grace.


ARACEAE provides innovative tools and resources to cultivate balance, self-healing and activation. Whether You’re just starting Your journey or You’ve been exploring consciousness for years, the pioneer technology of the genetic key codes will surprise You in Your capacity of growth and evolution.

Our members come from  all over the world, all walks of life, and all age groups - sharing a common goal: to live more fully and intentionally. To contribute to harmony in the world in their own unique way.

A Natural Progression ...

ARACEAE is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment for those looking to delve deeper into the mysteries of consciousness and explore the hidden depths of their Being. Our step-by-step process emphasizes the importance of Embodiment and careful progress in order to achieve true and lasting beneficial transformation.

Next to the 55 consecutive Genetic Key Code Movements spread over the entire six month course, we also gradually move through the following five phases to assure the best outcome within Your individual and authentic experience:


Phase One

Spiritual Rebalancing:

Open up to Your Higher Potential and activate deeper Self Empowerment in order to realign with Your True Purpose.


Phase Two

Emotional Rebalancing:

Master Your emotions, release addictive patterns, attain and maintain beneficial and equal relationships on all levels.


Phase Three

Mental Rebalancing:

Purify Your thoughts and perceptions towards a more beneficial reality; reconnect within Your Master Manifestation abilities.


Phase Four

Physical Rebalancing:

Remember how to walk the Earth in Courage and in Grace. Activate a deeper safety and security to present Your Authenticity.


Phase Five

Ethereal Rebalancing:

Embody Your Higher Potential and See Higher Love reflected within All.

Transcend into a Life of Essential Abundance.

 " I find that when I work with the Codes and the structure offered in ARACEAE,
That I effortlessly come into balance and a sense of release. All the stress of
The world just naturally resolves and I can easily observe. It is truly
Miraculous how easy the process is and how rapidly
I see and feel myself evolving. " 



Choose Your Own Depth

At ARACEAE, we offer three cycles of learning, each building on the information and techniques taught in the previous one.

Through the transformative program of Cycle One, You will gain a deeper understanding of Your Authentic Self and Your place in the world and the universe. You will be introduced to the basics of Genetic Key Code Alchemy, and given the tools to feel supported and empowered on Your journey.

But there's more.


If You are ready to take Your journey to the next level, You can join Cycle Two, and Three, where You can dive even deeper into the mystery of this Alchemy, and learn how to create true Genetic Key Codes for Your own self-activation as well as for others. You will Remember how to hold space for others in this potent and completely new healing technique that is unique in the world, in creating Genetic Key Codes, performing Readings, working with the Essences in EES sessions, perform Tatau Ceremonies,... and even become an initiator in ARACEAE when You participate in a special initiation in Cycle Four.

Benefits : What to expect ...

First and foremost, it is imperative to any kind of course or initiation, that You will get out of it that which You invest in it; the more consciously You are practicing the Guidance given,

the more You will be able to get out of this six month alchemical journey.

Considering You are devoted to the process - and that everyone will have their
Uniquely different authentic experience - You can expect the following general benefits:

(All benefits described below have been observed within multiple devoted students over the past years)

1. Inner Peace

Live in the present moment and build a Trust in Your Self that is so deep, that You can face any obstacle without fear of failure or judgment - in a True Compassionate Presence.

2. Strong Intuition

On your journey to Self-Mastery you will discover yourself at deeper levels and tap into your potential to realise what fulfills you and gives meaning to your life.

3. Inner Alchemy

Become deeply self empowered and remember how to Self-Activate within Your Authentic Evolution, supported by the loving presence of the Genetic Key Codes.


4. Joyful Expansion

Experience more Joy and Inspiration, with a more exciting view on the world. Learn to See beyond the limitations and manipulations and feel more Abundant and Free.

5. Release Addictions

Discover how to treat Your self with the respect You deserve and rise up to a state of unconditional Self-Love, so You no longer need to look beyond Your self for validation.

6. Safety & Security

Change your default emotional state towards unshakable calm and clear. What used to throw You off balance, will no longer disturb You. A sense of truly feeling at Home. 

Other potential benefits ...

  • Strongly Increased Creativity and Fertility

  • Finding True Love as a result of embodying True Unconditional Self Love

  • Experiencing Miracles Beyond - on any level

  • True and lasting Rejuvenation (physically and energetically)

  • Upgrade of DNA 

  • Improving of Vision

  • Resolving health problems (possible even severe cases like cancer, infertility,...)

  • No longer needing to take medications or any kind of drugs in order to feel calm and balanced (like anti depressants, heart medication, cannabis,...) - due to a true embodied sense of inner peace.

  • ...

A Modern Mystery School

A mystery school is a place where One remembers the metaphysical realm, and remembers esoteric tools in order to beneficially alchemize One's Life Experience through attaining and maintaining Self Mastery.

In the ancient times, initiates were required to live in seclusion and not have any contact with the outside world. They were sworn to vow secrecy within the teachings and ways presented in the mystery school.

Within ARACEAE, a very important part of the initiation is for You to be present within Your normal daily life (family, job, friends,...) in order for You to learn how to implement the teachings within any given situation, and so be able to live Your life in a true authentic and embodied manner - All*Ways. This is why we offer the initiations online; for You to participate from any part in the world, in any given situation, whether You are settled down or constantly traveling.


ARACEAE does ask to Honor and Respect the Yahrin teachings to not be shared or copied for any use outside of the Academy. This is to Honor and Respect everyone's Being; in the realization that the teachings given by the Yahrin Lineage do have a very powerful effect. It is the responsibility of the Initiator and the Initiate to make sure to not present the teachings without the proper space holding to assure the safety of others and secure the integrity of the teachings. 

Once properly initiated and having received Your Genetic Key Code Certification, You can work with this powerful Alchemy in many different ways within Your personal offerings in the world.

mystery school
GARDEN8 copy.jpg

A Focus On Evolution

The Yahrin Philosophy is focused on Infinite Evolution; The Ever Evolving New that allows Life to expand in multiple levels - for the Benefit of All That Is.
ARACEAE's mission is to help people evolve and awaken to their Higher Potential and embody it to so contribute more Harmony and Peace within the world. The Academy provides tools and teachings that motivate individuals to persevere, be devoted, clear, pure, and confident to self-activate this potential within them.


ARACEAE offers a philosophy that seeks to transcend the limitations of our current consciousness and to create a better world for all. Our principles are rooted in the belief in continual evolution and growth, both in life and in our own consciousness. We believe that by working to expand our own minds, we can create positive change not just for ourselves, but for those around us.
ARACEAE offers an environment that fosters growth within Essential Remembrance, so that you can embody Your inherent Wisdoms that will last a lifetime and Beyond.


Become a Genetic Key Code Alchemist

Genetic Key Code Alchemy is a beautiful pioneer metaphysical technology, which can help many beings here on Earth. It is very easily received and can work instant wonders by those who want to evolve.

To offer this Alchemy in a professional setting 
however requires a devoted presence towards One's Higher Potential. This is not a task that everyone will want to take upon them, therefor ARACEAE has the option of multiple Cycles; each one offering a deeper embodiment of Genetic Key Code Alchemy and so preparing One ever deeper to become a Certified Alchemist in absolute Purity and Integrity.

Each Cycle - except for the last one - is 6 months and holds the course of the 55 Collective Genetic Key Codes.

Cycle One : Move through the 55 Genetic Key Codes for a deep personal DNA-upgrade of Your Being and Life's Experience. You will come to a true understanding of the pioneer Yahrin philosophy and be able to implement it authentically into Your Life for a more positive, beneficial and abundant experience.

Cycle Two : Learn how to channel/create/draw Genetic Key Codes for deep self activation as well as collective activation. See the world in a new way through learning the Genetic Key Code Alchemy language in its many forms and transcend Your Consciousness into the Beyond.

Cycle Three : Become a Certified Genetic Key Code Alchemist and remember Essential Space Holding in giving Key Code Readings, Channeling Codes for others, professionally working with the Araina Essences, offering Genetic Key Code Quantum Touch, performing distance-Activations, Genetic Key Code Tatau Alchemy and metaphysical surgery, and so much more.

Cycle Four : Final 3 month Initiation  - for those who want to become an Initiator within ARACEAE


Immaculate Presence

ARACEAE offers a New Journal for each new Circle Movement, that perfectly guides You along the journey in a detailed daily presence.

The ARACEAE Journal is a luxury hard-cover journal of 274 pages, and has extra exercises, daily notes according to all the Key Code Movements and beautiful images to keep You motivated and aligned on this 6 month journey.

In this way You will also be able to see Your own process evolving and become ever more masterful in Self-Activation towards a truly authentic and self empowered state of Being!

This Journal is included in Your tuition fee, and will be sent to You about two weeks before we begin.


What 's included :

  • 6 Months online program in an intimate group setting (max. 8 people).

  • 6 Months metaphysical space holding - in absolute focus for each Initiate -
    by Your Initiator
     (Cycle One January 2024 will be held by AhnėYah Yahrin) 


  • ARACEAE Journal: a beautiful hard cover Journal of 274 pages
    to guide You daily - along the entire 6 month initiation process.


  • 55 Genetic Key Codes - visual images for meditation

  • 55 Yahrin Prayers accompanying each Code - 
    In text and audio form (with solfeggio music)


  • 48 Yahrin Transmissions channeled LIVE every 3rd day by AhnėYah Yahrin
    (for all Existential Genetic Key Codes)


  • 12 Yahrin Scriptures (in total around 500 pages) holding the Yahrin
    Philosophy and metaphysical teachings of the Genetic Key Codes.


  • Work Books with each scripture to bring You into deeper self empowerment
    and discover how to Self-Activate
    Your inherent Mastery.


  • The Twelve Yahrin Honors : Guidelines of the Yahrin Philosophy for
    an Abundant, Radiant and Free Life on Earth


  • Exclusive esoteric meditation techniques which bring effective
    healing, balance and the embodiment of Your Higher Potential.


  • 6 Guided Meditations* to practice better breathing and achieve Inner Peace.


  • Weekly online group gatherings (of each +/- 2 hours) for process support and deeper Activation of the Genetic Key Code Movements.

  • 3 Personal Genetic Key Code Readings during the 6 month course,
    Online in person with Your Initiator. 


  • 1 Personalized Araina Essence combination (10ml stock bottle) - created from
    Your first Personal Session - for a deeper
    authentic activation
    And support during the initiation process.


  • 1 extra follow-up Personal Genetic Key Code Reading
    for deeper integration after the 6 month course.


  • EXTRA OPTION: Registration for a special ARACEAE Retreat
    at the end of the 6 month program - where You will meet in person with
    AhnėYah Yahrin in a beautiful and sacred environment. This retreat will
    Offer an extra powerful activation and comes at an extra price point;
    Depending on the location and the number of 


Early Bird for CM July 2024:

InJoy a 1256,- euro discount

When registering before March 31st!

ARACEAE - Cycle One Registration

The next Cycle One - Circle Movement starts on:

 01 - 07 - 2024

Registration is open until June 21st.



Book a free 30min. Discovery Call with AhnėYah Yahrin
to register for the upcoming Circle in July 2024:

If You are in a different timezone and the available times are not possible for You, please send a message to, and we can arrange a time slot and day that suits Your daily schedule.

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