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The Pioneer Online Mystery School

Igniting Genetic Key Code Alchemy;
Supporting the Ever Evolving New
Paradigm within & through
The Beyond.

Next available Circle starts July 2023
We allow up to 10 initiates per Circle *.

* One needs to participate within Araina Immersion
Before being able to register for ARACEAE


This Sacred Vortex Is A
Gift From Beyond What Is,
To Humanity, In Order To
Rise Into The Realms
Of Higher Love

And Truth

Becoming An Initiate
Will Not Only Bring You
Back Home To Your Essence,
It Will Equally Serve The All
Within The Collective


ARACEAE; the Araina Academy of Embodied Ascension for Evolution is the world's pioneer vortex igniting Genetic Key Code Alchemy (GKCA).


Araceae is a New Paradigm Mystery School; as it holds an intense depth of metaphysical teachings, the Initiate is required to have deep devotion and commitment to the Path and hold the teachings Sacred to the Heart - for the Benefit of All That Is. This is because in order to be able to generate effectivity with GKCA, One needs to be in a state of deep embodied Purity, Clarity and Grace. The Alchemy which One emits, is equal to the Alchemy One holds within One's Embodied Self. GKCA cannot be emitted without these fine-tuned levels.

When the Initiate joins the Academy, One goes through an Initial 6 month Initiation of 51 Collective Genetic Key Codes, embraced by their quantum activational Essential Mantras and Prayers. The Initiate also receives 25 x 1,5h quantum activating video classes, weekly group activations, 10 personal sessions and so much more.


The course of 51 Codes holds 5 Activation Sequences, holding space for each of the 5 human bodies; resulting in Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical and Ethereal Embodied Ascension. The Codes assist in the purifying, rebalancing and upgrading of each of these bodies, through which they merge as One Sovereign Heart ever deeper. After these initial 6 months, One has to complete 2 more circles to become a Certified Genetic Key Code Alchemist and - if so desired - an additional 6 Circles to reach absolute Embodiment of One's Essential Purity and GKCA. Thus 9 Circles in total. (The initial tuition includes the first 3 circles). It is however One's own personal choice in how many Circles One wishes to complete. (More info in document)

The online Community of Initiates provides a lifetime of CoCreation between Initiates, Disciples and Masters, supporting each other equally in being pioneers of the Ever Evolving New Paradigm.


When Sovereign Illuminated beings come together within the Pure Intent of creating a better world for All, the Power they hold becomes extremely potent and emanates a continuous ripple effect of beneficial energies into the Collective Consciousness; this is one of the main purposes of the ARACEAE; to emit a field of Purity and Clarity into the Whole, for the Benefit of All That Is.

Essential Clarity & Purity 

Are A True Gift From Beyond.
The Collective Genetic Key Codes
Offer A Path To Embody

This Gift, In Ease
And Grace.

- AhnėYah Yahrin

ARACEAE is a vortex supportive of the ever Evolving New Paradigm, focussed on transmuting stagnation within One's Individual and within the Collective Evolution, through presenting a gradual evolution of initiations within ever higher Consciousness.

Enlightenment is the absolute Mastery of Human Consciousness, and Genetic Key Code Alchemy takes One through and Beyond this level into Absolute Sovereign Omniversal and Beyond Existence. Allowing for True Divine Transcendence within the Ever Evolving New Now.

The Academy is presented within a New Paradigm Philosophy; 

- Focussing equally on Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics and Logic.

- Balancing the Spiritual, the Emotional, the Mental, the Physical and the Ethereal.

- Equalizing Masculine and Feminine into Oneness Within the Now.
- Opening up the Omniversal and Beyond Existence.




ARACEAE holds One Circle per year for New Initiates, each Circle allowing a maximum total of 13 Hearts; 1 Initiator, 2 Assistants and 10 Initiates.


When One feels inspired to Join, become initiated in GKCA, and be a True Pioneer of the Ever Evolving New Paradigm; please download the document below for more information.
AFTER reading the Document, and being Ready to join a Circle, One is required to book a consult with AhnėYah in order to register; where any residual questions may be asked as well as seen if ARACEAE is a good fit for One in the Now Moment*.

Your $100 investment in this consult will be deducted from Your total Tuition when joining ARACEAE.

(*) Within Aracae We take participation seriously, it is a space of Safety and Trust, of Devotion and Purity. For the benefit of all involved there is a certain calibration of energies which takes place to See if One will be able to receive the Highest Benefit for the Self and for All through joining the Academy. If the calibrations do not resonate with the requirements, AhnėYah will inform which steps can be taken to reach the levels necessary.