Raise Your Vibration

Araina Advancement Course

Raise Your Vibration

Release The Karmic Cycle

Step Into Sovereign Self Empowerment

Manifest Divine Abundance On All Levels


The Araina Advancement Course is a 5 week self study program based on the new paradigm technology of Genetic Key Code Alchemy and the law of attraction through affirmation work.

This Course can be taken at any time of One's own convenience. One receives a calendar which One can implement in One's Life for optimum comfort. Once subscribed, One has life long access to the online content. 

As Evolution is Infinite, One can repeat this Course multiple times; each time One feels to upgrade One's Life to a higher level of awareness and abundance, this Course brings a strong support within Divine Space Holding. The content of this Course holds deep quantum activating elements, which will allow One to keep unlocking the inner Potential even after moving through the course content for the 100th time.



* You feel a strong Call to upgrade Your Life.

* You wish to feel more Abundant spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and/or physically.

* You want to improve Your income/financial Life.
* You have been stagnant in a "
Groundhog Day"-experience and wish to break free out of a vicious cycle of repeating patterns that are creating obstacles in Your daily life.

* You want to experience more Joy and Freedom in Life and attract miracles and opportunities.

* You want to progress in Your Business and get more Clarity and Flow within Your Divine Soul's Purpose.

* You want to grow in Your Consciousness, release stuck addictive patterns, and get New Motivation to move onward and forward.

* You are tired of being misled and manipulated by old paradigm energies and are craving a deeper sense of Courage to truly Be Your Better Self.

* You wish to attract a community of kindred souls, who support Your Heart.

* You feel ready to step into deeper Collective Service, yet You feel a lack of guidance or Clarity.

* You want to Join the Araina Academy of Ascension and Embodiment, but You don't feel quite ready yet or lack the financial investment.

* You are curious to experience Genetic Key Code Alchemy and AhnéYah's Teachings.

* You don't know why, Your Heart just feels so excited to Join!


" I just registered for two days and I am already in love with the course. It resonates so deeply. It is an honor to work so deeply in combination with the codes and be able to restructure my mental body and so become more free and happy in all areas in my life. Thank you so much again for making this beautiful gift for everyone!


- Carli, USA


When One commits to the structure of this Course, One receives deep quantum activation to release the Core Issue behind deeply rooted lack consciousness, disempowerment and anything which keeps One stuck in the karmic cycle.

The Araina Advancement Course takes on the Collective Core Wound and upgrades One's DNA to embody more Self Empowerment, Inner Peace, Sovereignty, FreedOhm, Sense of Purpose and Abundance. All this takes place as One moves through a structured 5 week plan filled with positive affirmations based on Diamond Consciousness, combined with 6 Genetic Key Codes, Universal Prayers, Guided Meditations and Quantum Activating Video Classes and work books.

The deeper One commits to the plan, the more One will be able to Activate.



- 3 Quantum Activating Classes of +/- 1h:

- Increase Abundance

- Release Core Wound

- 12 Diamond Commandments

- 5 Abundance Meditations - +/- 30min Audio each

(Guided Meditations to improve Your Relation to Abundance on all levels)

- 1 Genetic Key Code of Advancement - Visual + Prayer + Guided Meditation

- 5 Diamond Genetic Core Key Codes - Visual + Affirmation

- 1 The 12 Essential Commandments - Text

(Guiding Principles to Embody New Paradigm)

- 1 Advancement Journal for Self Healing

- 1 Advancement Process Work Book

(Positive Affirmation & Gratitude Practice)

- 24 Powerful Life Enhancing Affirmations

To Improve Abundance and Self Worth

** All Course Content is online and strictly accessible

For those who have registered for this Course.

** Once Registered You have LIFELONG ACCESS to all Course Content.

** All Rights Reserved by AhnéYah Divinity - Garden of Araina.

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