AhnéYah Divinity is the Founder​ of

The Garden of Araina and the Araina

Academy of Ascension. Presenting the

Pioneer Leading Vortex for Diamond

Genetic Key Code Alchemy. She is

Also the Artist and Creator behind

All the Araina Products You

Will find in the online

Araina Store.

AhnéYah Divinity is an Evolutionary Artist 

- And a Highly Intuïtive Conscious Channel -

With an Excellence in Rebirthing Therapy,

Bringing Beneficial Metamorphose

To One's Life Experience.

She has developped Embodiment Coaching Skills
Through Experiencing various Alternative Therapies,

& Through travelling worldwide, working closely with
Medicine Men and Women from different Indigenous
Tribes. Which allowed Her to develop High Psychic
Abilities and so Become a very Clear Channel
Within the Diamond Consciousness,
Which She Now Translates into All
Her Services and Evolutionary Art Pieces.

In Her Art She combines the Wisdoms gathered
From Nature and the Basic Universal Language
Into Key Codes or Blueprints - based on Sacred
Geometry Patterns - which bring beneficial
Energy to the One who chooses to bring
This Art into Their environment, and
Assist in Removing any obstacles
Towards a Happy Fulfilled
Life on All Levels.

This 'Language' or Coding
Is a New Paradigm Technology
Called: "Genetic Key Code Alchemy"


The Codes She brings through are Authentic to
The Universal Laws of Divine Creation; the Blueprint
Of Our Universe, We could say. As these Codes are the
Natural Language of Our Being, they work in the very
Simple Application of Home & Body Ware, through
Which the Heart ReMembers it's Essential Being,
And the Mind can Follow in Feeling Deeper
Peace, Love, Divine Focus & Harmony.


As Within, so Without.

As Above, so Below.

And So It Is.

GRACE - Testimonial AAoA

I Believe, I Believe Everything Is All Ways As It Should Be.
As With This Training, It All Ways Was A Full YES From
The Core Of My Being. A Full Surrender To All Which
Presented Its Self And Had To Come Through.
Full Trust, From The Beginning.

48 Key Codes Of An ExtraOrdinary And Balanced Beauty
I Breathed Deeply Into My Being, Week After Week. Such
Deep Gratitude And Honoring To This Magic Initiation

Process. Code After Code I Became More Aware And
Conscious Of The Pure Essence That I AM Within
My Natural Being. I See These Codes As Reflections
Of A Higher Power Within Me, Which Activates And
Balances, And Which Have Freed Me From All Illusions
And Brought Me Back To My True Core. My Purity.

They Live Within Me Now,

I Can Call Upon Them,
All Ways And Every Time Again.

I Feel A Deep Peace And Trust Within

My Self, My Path, And The Connection With Life.

I Thank AhnéYah And Honor Her For Her ExtraOrdinary Gift, Her Presence, Her Pure Being. I Thank My Self And Honor My Self For Following My Heart And For The

Gift I Gave My Self. My Heart Is Open Now;

I Live In Freedom And Happiness.


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

- Karen, Belgium 

Student of AAoA 2019

All Content And Products Are Bearthed Within The Diamond Age, Designed For The Reclamation Of Your Natural BearthRight.

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