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Garden of Araina's Intention

Welcome to Garden of Araina, where

Art, Philosophy, and Alchemy come together

To awaken the Beauty and Wisdom within You.



At Garden of Araina, we are devoted to helping individuals align within their Authentic Being and reach their ever evolving higher potential. We offer a variety of services based on the pioneer metaphysical technology originally created by AhnėYah Yahrin: Genetic Key Code Alchemy™️.

These services include empowering personal sessions, Sacred Tatau Ceremonies, as well as innovative and energy-enhancing interior design, home decor and natural wellness products.


We also offer a life changing online Mystery School; ARACEAE. A school based within the Yahrin Lineage where you can become initiated in the potent alchemy of the Genetic Key Codes.

We believe that everyone is capable of manifesting their dreams and discovering their True Path of Infinite Abundance. Through our services and initiations, we provide the supportive field for You to remember Your inherent Sovereign Freedom and True Essential Inner Peace.


A Pioneer Vortex

Garden of Araina was founded in 2016 by AhnėYah Yahrin with the intention to offer a vortex where humanity can connect and immerse within the beneficial effects of Genetic Key Code Alchemy; a pioneer metaphysical technology that she has created through years of anthropological and philosophical research.​ She started working professionally with Genetic Key Code Alchemy since December 2012.


The Garden's Creation is a result of AhnėYah's passionate Vision to bring awareness to the importance of True and Embodied Authenticity; as when we would live in a world where everyone is able to be truly authentic, all "dis-ease" would be dissolved into a far away illusion of the past.


" Humanity is in need of a new philosophy;
A philosophy that inspires a positive and evolutionary
Movement forward. Genetic Key Code Alchemy opens
The door to See what is Beyond - and assists in
The Embodiment of Humanity's
Higher Potential. "

AhnéYah Yahrin

My name is AhnéYah Yahrin

Aloha Dear One,


My name is AhnėYah and I am the founder and CEO of Garden of Araina, as well as the originator of Genetic Key Code Alchemy™


Being an alchemist, a philosopher, a visionary, an artist and a descendant of the Yahrin Lineage, I whole-heartedly believe that everyone has the capacity to live a self empowered and abundant life in harmony and peace, if and when someone is able to connect with and express One's Authentic Being - and I founded Garden of Araina with the intention to help You Embody that.


The Genetic Key Code Alchemy I offer throughout all my creations is the result of a lifetime (and beyond) of anthropological research on the Art of Embodiment in the current human collective experience. I created this pioneer metaphysical technology as a support to those who are ready to go Beyond the mundane and Transcend into their Higher Potential - To help You unlock Your Essence and to provide guidance within Your Sovereign and Authentic Empowerment. Whether You are looking to expand Your Consciousness, Your overall well being or to experience Inner Peace; this Alchemy will help You. 


Garden of Araina is a vast pioneer vortex, here to share this knowledge of the Genetic Key Codes with others and provide a philosophy that embraces a positive and evolutionary vision, for All to InJoy and potentially Embody. My lineage as a Yahrin alchemist has given me a unique perspective on the nature of reality, and I am excited to share my insights with You, with the intention that they may give You innovative solutions to reconnect within Your True Self and live a Life of True Freedom and Abundance on all levels.


Join me on a journey of self-discovery and transformation!

Looking forward to Connect with You - All*Ways, in Love,

AhnéYah xo


Client's Grace

" Thank You for what You do

and what You create.

Thank You for allowing

Source to work through You." 

Ya El - USA

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